Вакансія: Strategic Planning / Reform Monitoring Expert (MULTIPLE POSITIONS)

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Вакансія: Strategic Planning / Reform Monitoring Expert (MULTIPLE POSITIONS)

Agriteam is committed to provide equal employment opportunity for all employees and applicants on the basis of merit.

About Agriteam Canada:
Agriteam Canada is one of Canada’s leading international development firms, providing management and technical expertise to developing and transitional country partners on projects that promote sustainable growth and meaningful opportunities for people to improve their lives. Over the past 30 years, we have implemented over 370 projects in more than 65 countries.

Agriteam has two offices in Canada and 11 offices around the world, including an office in Ukraine. Over the almost thirteen-year of Agriteam presence in Ukraine, the team successfully implemented five international technical assistance projects.

About the project:
In October 2019, Agriteam Canada launched a new five-year project in Ukraine: Support to Ukraine’s Reforms for Governance (SURGe).

SURGe’s Ultimate Outcome is to help the Government of Ukraine (GoU) to deliver governance and economic reforms that better respond to the needs of its citizens. To achieve this, the Project will strategically enhance and strengthen the GoU’s reform management functions, namely its capacity to undertake planning and analysis of reforms that consider citizen impact, and to implement these reforms.

Reform initiative and position summary:
SURGe provides technical assistance to multiple Ministries to:

(i) increase their capacity in strategic planning and develop coherent, concise and measurable reform plans using the Results-Based Management (RBM) methodology, which is already embedded into Ukraine’s legislation (see the President`s Decree on the Annual National Program under the auspices of the NATO-Ukraine Commission, an interagency strategic document covering 100 reforms);

(ii) implement a citizen-centric approach to policy development according to GBA+ methodology a stated in Ukraine’s legislation (e.g. the Order of the Social Policy Ministry On Approval of the Instruction on Gender Mainstreaming in the Development of Legislative Acts).

To achieve these objectives, SURGe delivers planning sessions, trainings, and advisory support to the Government of Ukraine to help develop consolidated strategic documents (the Annual National Programs Ukraine – NATO; the National Action Plan on the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security), and to individual Ministries to help them develop Ministerial plans, Logic Models (“reform passports”), sets of indicators, and other Ministerial planning documents.

For this reform, SURGe Project is looking for Strategic Planning / Reform Monitoring Expert (multiple positions) who will be responsible for design and implementation of strategic planning and reform monitoring processes in Ministries according to RBM principles. The expert will review the existing processes of reform planning and monitoring in selected Ministries, will design the desired processes using RBM, will deliver capacity building and implementation support.

Other scope of work will include: integrating RBM into GoU processes, delivering strategic planning sessions to Ministries (incl. development of Logic Models and Indicators), supporting Ministries in development of procedures for data collection and monitoring, supporting the development of the IT tool that automates RBM planning and monitoring of reforms, contribute to the development of online course(s) on RBM for civil servants, and perform other tasks related to building GoU capacity to plan and monitor reforms based on RBM principles.

Level of Effort: Full time, Monday-Friday.

For contracting (after the job offer is made), the selected candidate should be able to get registered as a Private Entrepreneur of the 3rd group (consultancy services).

Indicative duties and responsibilities:
1. Design and implement improved processes of strategic planning and reform monitoring in selected Ministries according to RBM:
– Review the existing processes of reform planning and monitoring in selected Ministries, design the desired processes using RBM, ensure coordination with stakeholders, deliver capacity building and implementation support;
– Support piloting of the RBM IT Tool in Ministries’;
– Provide RBM expertise for development of interagency strategic documents, Ministerial planning documents including Logic Models (“reform passports”) and performance measurement frameworks.

2. Design and implement reform monitoring systems based on RBM in selected Ministries:
– Develop recommendations, guidelines and templates on incorporating results-based monitoring and evaluation into Ministerial operations;
– Pilot the proposed tools with the Ministry.

3. RBM capacity building for Ministries:
– Based on thorough assessment of Ministries’ needs, identify coaching and training needs related to results-based planning, reform monitoring and evaluation (incl data collection) and develop a training plan to address them;
– Provide capacity building for Ministries;
– Provide continuous support to various policy departments of the Ministry on M&E/RBM related activities.

4. Support RBM institutionalization within the Government of Ukraine:
– Contribute to the development and launching of online course on RBM for civil servants, deliver the “train the trainers” programs (the parts related to monitoring and evaluation of policies and reforms);
– Provide methodological assistance for design and implementation of the RBM IT tool related to data collection and analysis, reform monitoring, visualization of reform progress/dashboards;
– Support the SURGe reform initiative teams in planning reforms and in M&E;
– Perform other tasks related to building GoU capacity to plan and monitor reforms based on RBM principles.

Preferred Qualifications and Skills:
• Minimum 5 years of advisory/project management experience at managerial positions in governance, including experience in advising on strategic planning;
• Proven experience in designing new processes, development of new systems;
• Understanding of progress monitoring systems related to public policies/governance: experience in development of indicators, development of data collection processes;
• Understanding of Results-Based Management (RBM), the government policy making cycle and the overall reform agenda in Ukraine;
• Preferred: experience in designing surveys and other data collection instruments;
• Experience in delivery of trainings, excellent communication skills;
• Strong ethics, well-balanced and mature personality, positive attitude to the job;
• Strong organizational skills, ability to work under tight deadlines;
• Excellent knowledge of Ukrainian, ability to speak and write clearly and correctly;
• Fluent English, strong writing skills;
• Citizen of Ukraine.

To apply:
Submissions must be prepared in English and delivered electronically by 17:00 Kyiv time on September 23, 2020 to the following address: [email protected].

All submissions must include:
1) Applicant’s CV in English (max. 2 pages);
2) Applicant’s letter of interest (max. 500 words).

Please ensure to state Strategic Planning / Reform Monitoring Expert in the e-mail subject line.

Applications received after the indicated deadline and/or without letter of interest will not be reviewed and considered.

Please note, only short-listed candidates will be contacted for follow-up. We do not welcome unsolicited phone calls.

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