Шукаю роботу менеджера проекту


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Шукаю роботу менеджера проекту

Astrashenko Yevhen Alexandrovich

Age: 31 years old


Contact Information

Phone: 096-224-38-40

E-mail mail: [email protected]


Institutional support specialist for the creation of the Administrative Services Center.

from 10.2019 to 21.01.2020 (4 month)

USADI, Kurakhovo

Meetings of community leaders.

Preparation of documents for the creation of the ASC in Kurakhovo:

  • Order to create a working group.
  • Decree on the establishment of an Administrative Services Center.
  • Decree approving the Regulation on the Center for Administrative Services.
  • Schedule.
  • List of services
  • Information and technological maps
  • Implementation of services of participating entities
  • Staff

Providing guidance on the work of ASC.

Regional specialist

from 05.2018 to 21.01.2020 (1 year 9 months)

SKL International (Creation and modernization of ASC) U-LEAD with Europe program

Communicating with community leaders about the possibility of creating or upgrading ASC.

Preparation of technical specifications for the creation or modernization of ASC.

A visit to the local authorities of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov, Kirovograd, Cherkasy, Sumy, Chernihiv, Zaporizhzhya and Dnipropetrovsk regions on the creation or modernization of ASC.

Work with floor plans for ASC. Work with organizational documents on the activities of ASC. Preparation of information for the development of design projects of premises.

Presentation for community representatives about the U-LEAD program with Europe, results.

Study tours to the best ASC for community leaders.

Conducting trainings for community representatives about ASC.

Work with institutional documents of the communities of Donetsk and Lugansk regions on the modernization of ASC.

Trainer, Expert, Registry Specialist

from 12.2017 to 02.2018

Mariupol Youth Union (Non-Governmental Organization)

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Project “Implementing Innovative Case Management Technologies in Social Robots in Ukraine”

Drafting technical specifications for a mobile application, drafting technical specifications for the Register of Internally Displaced Persons and Families in difficult conditions. Consulting specialists of the Social Services Centers of 5 communities of Donetsk region. Conducting training of social work specialists using the registry in case management technology, supervision of the centers of social services of electronic affairs of 5 communities of Donetsk region. Making presentations, conducting, and organizing events, preparing reports, conducting methodological work, reviewing the training framework.

Analysis of feedback from training participants. Drawing up contracts of liability, civil law, drawing up acts of work performed. Software installation. Curriculum development. Organization of trainings. Conducting trainings on case management technology in social work.

Registry Specialist

from 10.2016 to 10.2017 (1 year)

Mariupol Youth Union (Non-Governmental Organization)

Project of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) “Implementation of innovative case management technologies in social work”

Manage registry correction specialists, compile a technical application for a mobile application, compile a technical assignment for the software Registry of IDPs and families in difficult life circumstances, consult with Centers of social services specialists, conduct training of social work professionals to use the registry in case management technology, create presentations and organizing events, preparing reports, conducting methodological work, reviewing training programs, analyzing feedback from trainers nhiv, drafting contracts liability, civil law, drafting of acts performed works, installation of software, organization of trainings and roundtables, development of training programs.

Head of the Department of Citizens Appeal

from 05.2015 to 07.2015 (2 months)

Office of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in Ordzhonikidzevsky district (pension provision)

Managing the Department of Citizens Appeal. Reception of citizens on pension provision. Reporting.

Chief Specialist

from 09.2011 to 05.2015 (3 years 8 months)

Office of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (Civil Service)

Analysis and processing of documents. Appointment of pensions. Analysis and work with labor books. Reception of citizens. Work with the archive of pension files. Conducting inspections of enterprises on the fact of the correctness of the provision of information to citizens:

* Verification of primary documents;

* Identity cards of the employee;

* Make sure that the working conditions are consistent with the information in the document.

Issuance of certificates. Issue of pension certificates. Maintaining a pension base. Reporting at the head office. Setting up workstations. Software installation, management server maintenance, LAN setup.

Planning economist

from 08.2010 to 03.2011 (7 months)

Open Joint-Stock Company “Electric household appliance” (mechanical engineering)

Conducting economic planning of the enterprise. Preparation of reports. Formation of inventory of the enterprise. Creation of marketing plans for new products. Calculation of economic indicators of the enterprise.



from 09.2006 to 06.2011

Mariupol State University, Faculty of Economics and Law, Economist-manager, Mariupol. Management of organizations.

Professional skills

Computer skills

Word, excel, power point, Nowell servers, email. Installation of operating systems, configuration of workstations. Installation and adjustment of equipment. Experienced PC user.


Ukrainian is native

Russian is native

English is medium

Останні публікації цього розділу:

Вакасія в ПРООН Україна - Health Programme Specialist

Вакансія: Veterans’ Reintegration Expert

Вакансія: National Public Health/IPC Officer

Вакансія: Procurement/ Logistics Assistant, G4, 2 positions

Вакансія: National Consultant to provide expert support to development of platforms and coalitions of the MSME Business Membership Organizations (up to 5 coalitions)

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