Organizational and Process Analyst / Аналітик/иня (організаційна структура та опис процесів)

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Organizational and Process Analyst / Аналітик/иня (організаційна структура та опис процесів)

Deloitte шукає кваліфікованих кандидатів на посаду Аналітика/кині (організаційна структура та опис процесів) для проєкту USAID SOERA “Діяльність у рамках реформи державних підприємств України”. Далі – англійською:

Deloitte is seeking a qualified candidate to serve as Organizational and Process Analyst in support of the USAID State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) Reform Activity in Ukraine (SOERA). The position is full-time and will be based in Ukraine, Kyiv.

Project Background

The USAID SOERA program aims to strengthen public sector business operations and transparency, improve governance and oversight, advance SOE privatization, and develop a strategic management model for SOEs remaining in state ownership. Smart reform and targeted privatization of Ukraine’s SOEs will reduce opportunities for corruption, increase private sector participation, and stimulate broad-based economic growth. Project components include:

Component 1: State Property Transfer

Component 2: State Property Management

Component 3: Individual SOE/MOE Support

Component 4: Restoration and Reconstruction

Component 5: Accountable Public Financial Management

SOERA supports the State Property Fund of Ukraine build its capacity to privatize, lease, and management SOE’s.  The SPFU is undertaking two initiatives to improve operational efficiency: 1) reorganization of the management processes for the corporate and privatization streams and the interaction of these two streams and 2) reorganization of the management structure and processes for the interaction of the SPFU head office and regional offices, with a primary goal of improving leasing processes.  SOERA plans to support the SPFU in these tasks and is seeking an organizational and process analyst to strengthen this work.


The Organizational and Process Analyst  will support SOERA Organizational Transformation Advisor for Components 1 and 2 (State Property Transfer and State Property Management) to help redesign businesses processes for the corporate and privatization streams as well as develop, together with SOERA legal advisors, a revised structure for the interaction of the SPFU Head Office with its regional offices with a focus on leasing operations.


  • Collection and preparation of data for analysis of state enterprises as objects of corporate governance and the current processes for their preparation for privatization.
  • Identification of management process scenarios based on Ukrainian legislation and the types (categories) of state enterprises.
  • Modeling various scenarios of the enterprise preparation process for privatization taking into account the organizational structure, competencies, resource numbers, and the distribution of responsibilities within the SPFU.
  • Collection and preparation of data for analysis of the leasing processes and development of process scenarios taking into account possible legislative changes and the organizational structure of the SPFU.

Minimum Requirements:

  • An advanced degree from an accredited university in economics, finance, public administration, management, or related fields.
  • Minimum 3 years of professional experience in human resources, organizational transformation process design, governance, or related fields.
  • Professional experience supporting public sector entities.
  • Demonstrated ability to establish productive relationships with senior government officials, the business community, civil society, and international donors, particularly on politically sensitive and highly visible issues. 
  • Verbal and written fluency in English, along with strong communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills.  
  • Familiarity with Ukrainian politics and economics, including knowledge of relevant key institutions, is a plus. 

Qualified candidates are expected to send their CVs, cover letters, and two professional letters of reference/reference contacts to [email protected]  and [email protected]  no later than June 30, 2024. Please indicate the following in the subject field of the email: “Organizational and Process Analyst” . Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview. 

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