Консультант(-ка) з навчання та розвитку персоналу (Learning and Development)


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Консультант(-ка) з навчання та розвитку персоналу (Learning and Development)

                      SAFEMed Consultant on Learning & Development

            Period of Performance: October 1, 2022 – December 30, 2022

The SAFEMed project is looking for a short-term consultancy. The main purpose of this consultancy is to support SAFEMed team in providing a Rapid assessment of existing human resources systems and procedures against best practice and in alignment with achieving the ‘Developmental Strategy 2021-23’ of the SoW “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” (Central Procurement Agency, CPA).


To support the MOH efforts, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded a five-year contract for Safe, Affordable, and Effective Medicines for Ukrainians (SAFEMed) to Management Sciences for Health (MSH) in September 2017.

SAFEMed applies health system-strengthening best practices to create evidence-based interventions and strengthen Ukraine’s pharmaceutical system in line with the MOH’s health care reform objectives.

SAFEMed has three primary project objectives working in unison towards achieving sustainable healthcare system in Ukraine:

1)         Strengthening governance within the pharmaceutical sector of Ukraine;

2)         Optimizing the financing of the pharmaceutical sector; and

3)         Increasing the availability and appropriate use of medicines in Ukraine.

 Advancing Public Procurement Instruments and Operations, Centrally and Regionally is one of SAFEMed’s streams, which involves providing comprehensive support to CPA. Among other it includes institutionalization of best procurement practices, support CPA’s continuous capacity building efforts.

CPA is well performing entity within the MoH of Ukraine with a strong history of integrity and good performance. Building off this positive history it is the desire of Ukraine MoH to expand the responsibilities and functions under CPA control in order to establish a full cycle national procurement and supply chain entity. For this to occur CPA needs to expand its staffing footprint by approximately 100%, and the Government of Ukraine (GOU) had provided resources for this to happen in 2022. However, in the context of the stressors of the war, the anticipated workforce expansion is not likely to happen right away. Yet, the MOH and the GOU still envision these expanded roles for the relatively young agency. Anticipating this growth, CPA developed a clear ‘Developmental Strategy 2021-2023’ which acknowledges the central core of supported and systematic approaches to human resources systems development and staff development. USAID, through SAFEMED will work alongside CPA to support the implementation of key workforce development activities from within the strategy, assisting CPA to expand and take on proposed new roles as quickly as possible.

 Services to be provided:

Within this initiative, SAFEMed is seeking to hire SAFEMed consultant on Learning & Development to provide the following tasks:

  1. Rapid assessment of existing human resources systems and procedures against best practice and in alignment with achieving the ‘Developmental Strategy 2021-23’ of CPA, which will include:
  • review current project implementation approaches for human resources components of prioritised workstreams of CPA;
  • review scope, current state and planning for learning and development vectors (priority activities) of CPA.
  1. Consider streamlined and best practice approaches to build and maintain Supply chain management (SCM), which shall cover the following:
  • Rapid identification of priority SCM competency development areas with aligned offerings of relevant courses, including:
    • Leadership and Change management;
    • Procurement;
  • Warehouse management as a specialised subset (general requirements and competence needs).
  • Light, but systematic, SCM Competency gap assessment using SCM Competency framework.

The focus of the consultant is to coordinate the collection of the data against the data collection tools, data analysis and, writing report.

The abovementioned work shall be provided under the methodology, designed by People that Deliver, for example: Building human resources for supply chain management theory of change; Professionalisation Framework overview.

The work shall be provided with the remote supervisory support of an international expert, and under the reporting and accountability to the technical staff of the SAFEMed project.

 Required minimum education and skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Recourses or equivalent education.
  • Advanced English is a must.
  • Local language – native.

 Required minimum experience:

  • Experience in human resources systems in the context of organizational development.
  • Additionally supply chain experience is a plus.
  • Experience in providing technical assistance in public health programs/projects, implemented in Ukraine by international organizations.

 Interested and qualified candidates are invited to send their CVs and motivation letters to: [email protected] till September 8, 2022.

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