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Асистент з грантів

EDGE Buy-In Grants-Under Contracts Grants for Advocacy and Privatization

Position: Grants Assistant
Type: Mid to Junior-level, Short-term contract assignment
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine (with the option of working remotely)

Organization Description 

International Development Group LLC (IDG) is an international development consulting firm that assists donors, governments, and the private sector to achieve sustainable, broad-based economic development and poverty reduction. IDG is seeking qualified Ukrainian candidates for the role of Grants Assistant on the Ukraine State-Owned Enterprise Rapid Response (SOERR) activity. SOERR is a Buy-In from USAID Ukraine to USAID’s Economic Development, Governance, and Enterprise Growth (EDGE) activity in the Europe & Eurasia region implemented by IDG.

The purpose of the SOERR buy-in activity is to help the Government of Ukraine (GOU) plan and commence critical reforms of Ukraine’s State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), including corporate governance reform, privatization, and SOE management and oversight. The buy-in will sustain the GOU’s efforts and maintain the momentum for SOE reform and privatization. The activity’s scope also includes other public assets, such as land and real estate.

The Grants Assistant will provide technical and administrative support in the planning, design, oversight, and implementation of grants program funded by USAID to support innovative approaches that will enhance the role of the civil society sector in SOE reform and privatization, support public-private dialog, improve coordination, planning and public awareness of SOE privatization, and support watchdog and monitoring activities to ensure a transparent privatization process. The Grants Under Contract (GUC) under the EDGE Buy-In activity will further reinforce USAID’s objectives of supporting the journey to self-reliance and locally led development in partner countries.

Given the current circumstances, it is envisioned that the Grants Assistant will carry out the work for this assignment completed remotely using web applications for conference calls and meetings.

This is a part-time (approximately 20 hours/week), short-term consulting opportunity and the period of performance of the project is mid-September 2020 through the end of October 2021.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide administrative and other support to the grantees during the implementation of grant activities;
  • Support EDGE Grants Manager and EDGE technical team in providing grant-related training and other support to grantees, as appropriate;
  • Oversee all grants awarded under EDGE to ensure their award and implementation comply fully with USAID requirements.
  • Conduct pre-award audits of possible grantees and post-award audits during implementation and at close-out under the guidance of the EDGE technical team and the EDGE Grants Manager.
  • Monitor financial management of grant funds to ensure consistency with agreed technical plan and for compliance.
  • Monitor technical implementation of grants to ensure timely progress and continued alignment with EDGE objectives, proposed strategy, work plans, and AMELP.
  • Maintain grants files in compliance with USAID rules and regulations and IDG policies/procedures.
  • Contribute to all required monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, including grants results reporting.


  • Minimum 5 years of relevant professional experience in the field of international development Grants
  • Prior experience with USAID grants administration is preferred.
  • Bachelors’ degree in relevant discipline; and
  • Fluency in English and Ukrainian is

Application Instructions:

Send electronic submissions to [email protected] by August 30, 2020.

Please submit your CV and cover letter with “SOERR Grants Assistant“ in the subject line; please do not forget to additionally indicate your name in the subject line of your e-mail.

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