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Запит на надання пропозицій з послуг розробки веб-сайту для програми “Долучайся!”

The USAID-funded Enhance Non-Governmental Actors and Grassroots Engagement (ENGAGE) activity, implemented by Pact, Inc., is soliciting cost proposals for website development services for ENGAGE Program.

The purpose of the USAID/ENGAGE activity is to raise awareness of and participation in civil society activity. The Program has a strong orientation on local civil society organizations in Ukraine. Therefore, the main objective for the program website run is to engage activists on the local, regional and national levels.

Proposal Submission Requirements:

The procurement of services is made at the expense of the international technical assistance program and complies with the category (type) of goods, work and services indicated in the Procurement Plan for VAT-exempt purchases approved by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. Bidders will submit proposals that comprise the following information:

  1. A cover letter signed by an authorized bidder representative, confirming the bidder’s promise to meet the terms and requirements specified in the request for quotations. The letter must designate a person, with relevant contact details, authorized to maintain any necessary communications with Pact, Inc. during the price quotations review process;
  2. A price quotation according to the specified TOR (Annex 1 to the RFQ);

Quotations must be fixed in prices in UAH. Please note that the payment will be effected in Ukrainian hryvnias in accordance with the issued invoice. The invoice must indicate VAT as a separate item, but no payment of VAT will be made in accordance with the Policy on Raising, Utilizing and Monitoring International Technical Assistance, as approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Resolution 153, dated February 15, 2002, on Establishing a Single System of Raising, Utilizing and Monitoring International Technical Assistance and the Letter of the State Tax Service of Ukraine of March 1, 2012, No.6125/7/12-1017.

Quotations Submission Deadline and Other Requirements:

Interested parties should submit their quotations in a form of expression of interest, followed by cost proposal (quotation) by 18:00, November 9, 2018, to [email protected] with the subject: “RFQ for website development”.

Questions regarding this RFQ may be sent to no later than November 5, 2018 with the subject: “Questions re: RFQ for website development”, answers to these questions will be sent to all vendors that submitted questions.

The release of this RFQ does not constitute an obligation on the part of the Pact, Inc. to award a contract. Pact, Inc. reserves the right to reject any or/and all proposals. Nevertheless, it is the intention of Pact, Inc. to issue a contract, if it receives acceptable offers. Pact, Inc. can terminate this request for quotation at any time at its discretion.

Pact, Inc. is in no manner responsible for any of the costs associated in the preparation or submission of any proposals.

The Bid is open, information about it can be found in mass media.

Language of Quotations:

The proposal, all documents and correspondence related to the RFQ must be written and submitted in English or Ukrainian.


Best price quotations are requested. It is anticipated that a contract award is made solely on the basis of these original quotations. However, Pact, Inc. reserves the rights to conduct negotiations and/or request clarifications and explanations prior to the award.

All information provided by the parties to each other during negotiation period is not considered as agreed on terms before it is written in the contract and signed by both parties.

Sample Terms

Sample Terms of Contract:

The contract for this procurement should at a minimum include the following:

  1. Parties of the Contract

The “Contractor” means the company providing the services under the contract; the “Customer” means Pact, Inc. which implements the Enhance Non-Governmental Actors and Grassroots Engagement (ENGAGE) activity. The contract should be concluded between the CONTRACTOR and the CUSTOMER.

  1. Payment Schedule

Payment terms and schedule will be negotiated with the selected contractor.

  1. Exemption from Payment of Value Added Tax (VAT)

Since the Customer is an implementer of the international technical assistance project (program) it shall pay for the goods and services according to Contractor’s invoice and contract without Valued Added Tax in accordance with the Policy on raising, utilizing and monitoring international technical assistance approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Resolution 153 dated February 15, 2002 as amended, and the Intergovernmental US-Ukraine Agreement on Humanitarian and Technical and Economic Cooperation of May 7, 1992.

  1. Eligibility of Suppliers

Any procurement resulting from this tender will be financed by USAID/ENGAGE and will be subject to Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and USAID regulations. No equipment, materials or services shall be eligible for USAID financing, if offered by a supplier or subcontractor included on any list of suspended, debarred, or ineligible bidders used by USAID.

  1. US Anti-Terrorism Executive Orders and Laws

“The Contractor is reminded that US Executive Orders and US law prohibits transactions with, and the provision of resources and support to, individuals and organizations associated with terrorism. It is the legal responsibility of the Contractor to ensure compliance with these Executive Orders and Laws. This provision must be included in all subcontracts/decisions to award subcontracts executed under terms of this contract/agreement.”

Required Qualifications for Offerors

  • Experience of web development for international customers;
  • Minimum three years of experience in database development and integration;
  • Strong portfolio of the designed websites with, at least, 10 bilingual websites.



Terms of Reference (TOR)

for developing USAID/ENGAGE program website



Name of the website:

USAID ENGAGE activity (ENG);

Програма сприяння громадській активності Долучайся! (UKR)

URL: www.engage.org.ua


The ENGAGE activity website will serve as a focal point to provide information about its activities with a goal to ensure full accountability in line with the purpose of USAID/ENGAGE activity, and Pact’s and USAID’s commitment to transparency[1].

Scope of work:

The site development should include the following stages:

  1. Development of the concept and design.
  2. Approval of the concept and design by Pact.
  3. Development of a technical task for layout design in a website.
  4. Approval of the technical assignment by Pact.
  5. Creation of a website on agreed guidelines.
  6. Testing and bug-reporting.
  7. Correction of errors.
  8. Testing by Pact.
  9. Approval of test results and acceptance of works.


Pact intends to sign the Contract with the selected vendor in November 2018. The works under the Contract should be completed not later than February 2019.


Graphic design services:

As a part of the website development effort, a vendor should develop custom website designs and interfaces, adhering to established USAID/ENGAGE Branding and Marking rules, standards and guidelines, including website layouts – homepage, searching pages, secondary and tertiary pages, etc. Additionally, a vendor should be able to provide logos design and branding

Since the program is implemented by Pact, Inc., the general design elements should be consistent with Pact`s branding. It means not full compliance with the branding rules, but the possible use of elements to effect a visual association.

Font family – Open Sans, PT Sans, Apex, Guardian Egyptian or similar.

Please note that website should have the Ukrainian and English versions.

Colors – а list of recommended primary colors can be found here.

Pact will provide available design elements, such as fonts, basic shapes and logos. Vendor can provide or purchase photographs and images for the website design use upon Pact’s prior approval.

A vendor should design the following website functionalities:

  1. the searching interface through the website
  2. the searching interface through the database
  3. the uploading interface
  4. the news feed block
  5. the Contact Us form
  6. 404 page
  7. data visualization interface.

Design references:

As design samples, the sites that were top-listed in the category of non-profit organization’s websites of the international WebbyAwards competition, were selected. In terms of architecture and design, these sites provide relevant guidelines to the vendor.




Functional development:


WordPress and Drupal are the preferred platforms for content management functionality. Other options can be agreed on by Pact and a vendor.

Development services will include, but not limited to, the following functions:

  1. Templates development
  2. Content development and/or migration
  3. Forms development
  4. Surveys and data presenting
  5. RSS feed
  6. Search capabilities/functionality
  7. Web analytics
  8. Video uploading and embedding
  9. Database architecture.

The preliminary list of development pages:

  1. Homepage + news feed
  2. News page
  3. “About Us” page
  4. Partners page
  5. Database page
  6. Career page
  7. “Contact Us” page


A separate section of the site will be devoted to a database of documents and data that are related to the program activities, including:

  1. repository of documents in the PDF format;
  2. polling data;
  3. grants data repositories;

The database engine should allow to visualize data in different ways: placing data on interactive maps, poll’s presenting using raw data and spreadsheets, customizable dashboard.

In addition to working with raw data, the database page should have a second search mode for documents. The site administrator should be able to upload and delete documents, as well as be able to archive / save the entire indexed database for future use. The database search function should include both the title of the document and the document content.

Hosting for the database location should be high-speed (for example SSD),and have 24/7 support. The size of the hosting will be approved at the stage of the TOR finalizing with the selected Contractor.

The functional and quality assurance testing should be provided, including:

  1. Conduct user acceptance testing
  2. Conduct accessibility testing
  3. Browser support testing
  4. Operating systems testing
  5. Screen resolutions including tablet and mobile
  6. Assistive technologies
  7. Color blindness
  8. Text sizing

After testing, the resolution for all defects identified during the testing phase should be provided to Pact along with the document test results and the test report.

Aside from the development efforts, a vendor should provide the basis for sustainable website maintenance, including:

  1. Purchase relevant website hosting services on behalf of clients
  2. Provide file and database backup and restore assistance
  3. Purchase and maintain/renew software subscriptions on behalf of clients
  4. Provide software upgrades to support customer website functionalities
  5. Provide content management system security updates and/or upgrades
  6. Provide disaster recovery response times and assistance



A detailed design of its proposed solution with the Pact’s requirements clearly stated should be developed and provide to Pact. The Design Document details how the vendor proposes to meet all customer’s requirements using test pages and screen mockups. The proposed design should be in written approved by Pact before the development start.

The design must be adaptive and developed with the following priority: mobile version – desktop version – tablet version.

Development and testing:

A vendor should provide traceability of the requirements from the statement of work all the way through the design, development and implementation process and to ensure that all customer’s requirements have been met. The Traceability Matrix should contain the names of the works, the terms of their execution and the responsible persons’ contacts for each stage of development.

The Test Plan should be provided to Pact, that details out the vendor’s testing approach and methodology for this assignment. After approval and testing, a detailed report of the testing results and any deficiencies that remain in the system should be delivered. All deficiencies should have a document resolution and delivery date for resolution.

The test plan and traceability matrix should be in written approved by Pact before the development start.

Product implementation:

After agreeing on the test results, vendor submits the ready website to Pact. This means the transfer of all necessary for the maintenance of the website of logins and passwords, as well as intellectual property rights in photographs, programs, and any other content.

After that, the developer should provide a detailed guideline for website maintenance, as well as conduct training for the assigned Pact staff on website content management.

The quality of the developed site will be evaluated according to the following indicators:

  1. High page load speed
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Accuracy and speed of search
  4. Easy content downloading
  5. The correct indexing of the site by search engines
  6. Stable operation at high loads


The final and developed site should compliant with OMB Memorandum M-15-13 and the Binding Operational Directive 18-01, including the passing of internal tests. The website should also enforce HTTPS and HSTS, and should not use SSLv2/SSLv3 or 3DES and RC4 ciphers.

See the following guidelines for details:

M-15-13 https://https.cio.gov/guide/

BOD 18-01 https://cyber.dhs.gov/

This version of the TOR is not final. The detailed statement of work will be finalized with the selected Contractor.

[1] https://www.usaid.gov/results-and-data/progress-data/transparency

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