Seеking Expert on Cybersecurity Contractor


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Seеking Expert on Cybersecurity Contractor

CRDF Glоbal (Rеpresentative office in Ukraine) is seeking Expert on Cybersecurity Contractor

For an upсoming engagement, CRDF Global is seeking the contractor, who would be expected to provide contracted services such as, but not limited to: 


CRDF Global runs a vast portfolio of projects on various areas and topics of cyber security in a  collaborative setting of government, academia, public and private sectors stakeholders in order to meet the funder’s goals.

To implement the projects in the appropriate manner and to accomplish projects tasks, CRDF Global cybersecurity projects teams are seeking for services and support from local Cyber Security Subject Matter Expert.

Above mentioned subject matter expert tasks would be mostly concentrated on providing certain exact cyber security advising services for the project activities implemented by providing guidance and support. The expert will deliver that in a manner aligned with CRDF Global project goals and objectives and customers specific requirements. 

CRDF Global  programming activities to be held from January 2022 until December 2023  will be centered around but not limited to the following areas for CRDF Global`s Cybersecurity and Cooperative Threat Reduction:

  • Countering Cyber threats;
  • Cyber threat intelligence;
  • Best practices on Security Operations Centers;
  • Blue/Red teams trainings;
  • Cybersecurity-informed procurement/hardening the supply chain;
  • Modern international cyber security trends;
  • US, Ukrainian and European cyber security issues;
  • Digital Forensics best practices and lab management;
  • Cyber crimes investigations and countering;
  • European and Euro-Atlantic Integration in the cyber security area;
  • Cybersecurity insurance;
  • Cyber hygiene for various audiences;
  • Cyber security workforce skills development trainings;
  • National and regional cyber security coordination and collaboration in Public-Private Partnership (PPP);
  • Vulnerability disclosure;
  • Veterans reintegration trainings;
  • Cyber Range activities;
  • Development new/ adaptation existing curricula on Cyber security topics for Universities.

As such, CRDF Global requires on-going, flexible, and lasting partnerships with experts in the field.

Scope & Tasks:

RFP Subject Matter Expertise: Cybersecurity

The selected subject matter expert(s) (hereafter, “SMEs”) would be expected to provide contracted services such as, but not limited to:

 Development of training and briefing materials for varied Ukrainian and international audiences in both government and private sectors, educational institutions, and/or civil society;

  1. Delivery of virtual and/or face-to-face training, workshops, hackathons, cluster meetings, and presentations, delivering answers and providing expertise during discussions, Q&A sessions at CRDF Global events that are to be held in various domestic and international locations;
  2. Delivery of an After-Action Report that summarizes observations, successes, lessons learned, and recommendations for future programming on the relevant topic;
  3. Establishing relations with the public sector, critical infrastructure, and private sector in cybersecurity field;
  4. Providing technical advice, guidance, and leadership to CRDF Global colleagues on designing and implementing technical components of cybersecurity and/or CTR projects;
  5. Moderating public events like clusters, round-table discussions, etc.;
  6. Sit in judgment for hackathons, Capture The Flag exercises, etc.;
  7. Tech consultancy on the best avenues to deliver critical messages on cyber, safe use of the Internet in digital devices for various age groups;
  8. Assistance in reaching out to the tech agencies actors and stakeholders that are of interest for the program priorities;
  9. Briefing on the current and emerging trends, events and novelties in the cyber tech industry;
  10. Mentor universities in the Curriculum Development Program;
  11. Providing peer reviews or expert opinions on particular subject issues, delivering articles, blog/editorial columns, participating in interviews;
  12. Collaborating with the Deputy Program Manager, Senior Project Leads, and Project Leads to develop actionable projects based on conceptual policy ideas;
  13. Collaborating with CRDF assigned operation staff, relevant stakeholders, to develop content (training modules/ modules content) for new E-learning Cyber hygiene courses for wide range of stakeholders/ adaptation existing E-learning courses;
  14. Develop mechanism for measuring mid- and long-term evaluation on cyber awareness of cyber threats and ‘cyber hygiene’ skills among target audience;
  15. Consultation on the developing Cyber Range.

Interested candidates should request the RFP document with the detailed requirements from Oleksiy Fomin <[email protected]>.   

Submission Deadline: December 17, 2021, 18:00 PM Kyiv Time; 

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