Гранти на допомогу українським кінематографістам / Grants to assist Ukrainian Filmmakers


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Гранти на допомогу українським кінематографістам / Grants to assist Ukrainian Filmmakers

USAID Competitive Economy Program (CEP)

Request for Applications (RFA)-2020-019

Issue Date: September 25, 2020

Applications Due: October 28, 2020

Dear Applicant:

With this Request for Applications (RFA), the USAID Competitive Economy Program (CEP), implemented by Chemonics International, is seeking applications from Ukrainian Filmmakers – private companies and private entrepreneurs, aiming to significantly increase their sales to major international production companies, enter new markets, attract investments, and create new jobs.  CEP plans to provide assistance to Ukrainian Filmmakers in obtaining Industry-recognized certifications and licenses for Animation, Virtual Reality (VR), Computer graphics (CG), Visual effects (VFX), sound editing and dubbing, digital post-production services; and acquiring creative technology, equipment, software licenses and process quality control systems, with associated trainings for mastering these tools, enabling Ukrainian Filmmakers to bid for and work with large film production projects in the US and other markets.

For the purpose of this RFA, “Film industry” is a generalized term for creation of visual entertainment content: feature films, television programs, advertising commercials, corporate video and digital media production including computer games and virtual reality content. Hence, “Filmmakers” are referred to private companies and professionals who work in Ukrainian Film industry.

Please submit all questions concerning this solicitation to [email protected] with “RFA-2020-019” in the email’s Subject field. CEP will assist applicants in understanding the application process via email. This RFA, including application materials in Word format, are available at the following link.

The application process will consist of a single stage. Applicants shall submit an Application (Annex A) and Detailed Grant Budget (Annex B), using the templates provided, along with attachments. Application materials will be reviewed by the CEP selection committee.

The grants will be awarded and implemented in accordance with USAID and US Government regulations governing grants under contracts and CEP’s internal grant management policies. Project and Chemonics employees may not ask for, and applicants are prohibited from offering, any money, fee, commission, credit, gift, gratuity, thing of value, or compensation to obtain or reward improper favorable treatment regarding this solicitation. Any improper request from a project employee should be reported to the CEP chief of party or Chemonics Office of Business Conduct ([email protected]).

Documents Required for this Application:

  1. Grant Application (Annex A)
  2. Detailed Grant Budget (Annex B)
  3. Certificate of Registration with the Government of Ukraine, or Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Private Entrepreneurs and Civic Formations
  4. Authority/Governing Regulations (Annex C)
  5. Required Certifications (Annex D).

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