Грантовий конкурс проєкту USAID «Кібербезпека критично важливої інфраструктури України» – APS-CCI-004

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Грантовий конкурс проєкту USAID «Кібербезпека критично важливої інфраструктури України» – APS-CCI-004

USAID Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine Activity

APS Reference No.: APS-CCI-004

Issue Date:  April 1, 2024

Final Closing Date: September 30, 2024

Questions Due By: on a rolling basis

Deadline for Submission: on a rolling basis   

Submit Applications to: [email protected]

To Interested Applicants:

The purpose of this Annual Program Statement (APS) is to solicit applications for funding. The USAID Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine Activity (hereinafter referred to as “USAID Cybersecurity Activity” or “Activity”), implemented by DAI Global LLC (“DAI”), is seeking applications to propose creative and effective initiatives and solutions to strengthen the national preparedness, cybersecurity vulnerabilities and critical infrastructure (CI) of Ukraine in the cybersecurity sector. Conclusively, the APS process enables partners to propose solutions that are partner-driven and sustainable.

Under this APS, the Activity is awarding grants which will focus on achieving one or more of the following objectives:

  1. Component 1: Strengthen the Cybersecurity Enabling Environment to create a safe and trusted environment to accelerate the development of people, processes, and technology in support of cybersecurity across critical infrastructure sectors and assets in Ukraine; and
  2. Component 2: Develop Ukraine’s Cybersecurity Workforce to strengthen Ukraine as a sovereign nation built on a secure, protected, and dynamic economy, supported by a talented pool of human capital; and
  3. Component 3: Build a Resilient Cybersecurity Industry to stimulate demand for and supply of Ukrainian cybersecurity solutions and service providers to empower, equip, and finance cybersecurity entrepreneurs and businesses.

The grants will be awarded and implemented in accordance with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and U.S. Government grants under contract regulations, and the Activity’s internal grants management policies and procedures.

Applications outside the geographic focus will not be considered. Applicants must demonstrate success in managing cultural and political considerations in the proposed focus country or region as well as success in addressing the abovementioned development objectives.

The application process will consist of one (1) stage:

  • Applicants shall submit a application package consisting of Annex A: Technical Approach Application, Annex B: Budget and Annex C: Representations and Assurances as stated below in Section IV.
  • Applicants shall prove eligibility based on the criteria detailed in Section III.
  • Application evaluation is a competitive process. Received applications will be reviewed and evaluated based on the selection criteria in Section V.

Submission Instructions

Applicants must submit full applications (with all the supportive documents) to: [email protected] in English or bilingual (English-Ukrainian) format. Please use email subject format as follows: Response to APS-CC-004 – [Insert your Organization’s Name]

Full information on the terms, eligibility criteria for participants, permitted activities, application formats and evaluation criteria for submitted applications can be found in the full announcement of the Annual Grant Program:  

APS-CCI-004 Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine Activity

Documents Required for Application Submission:

Applicants shall submit the following documents. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

1. Annex A_APS-CCI-004 Technical Approach Application

2. Annex B_APS-CCI-004 Budget form

3. Annex C_APS-CCI-004 Representations and Assurances

  • Representation by Corporation Regarding a Delinquent Tax Liability or a Felony Criminal Conviction (per AAPD 14-03)
  • Prohibition on Providing Federal Assistance to Entities that Require Certain Internal Confidentiality Agreements – Representation (May 2017)

4. Certificate of Registration with the Government of Ukraine

Any questions concerning this APS should be submitted in writing to [email protected]. Applicants should retain for their records one copy of all enclosures which accompany their application.

Thank you for your interest in the USAID Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine Activity.

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