Вакансія: Cоnsultant-analyst on Investment Promotion

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Вакансія: Cоnsultant-analyst on Investment Promotion

USAIDEconomic Resilience Activity (ERA), implemented by DAI GLOBAL LLC, empowers business and community development in eastern Ukraine. The project works in particular with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in manufacturing and engineering sectors to promote innovations, and expand to new markets across Ukraine, the European Union, and other destinations. 

About the job

ERA seeks to unlock the potential of private capital to drive inclusive growth. Private investors and businesses globally are looking to emerging markets for better returns and new market opportunities. Catalyzing investment in high-impact sectors and geographies requires new forms of collaboration between USAID and the investment and business community, and local authorities. 

The consultant shall use his experience and knowledge to develop the best practices approaches in investment promotion to unlock FDI and domestic investments in close cooperation with the international consultant. The consultant together with the international consultant will develop an investment promotion strategy for the ERA region for future implementation by the central government and local authorities.



The Consultant will analyze the macroeconomic indicators for Ukraine and for two Donbas oblasts – Donetsk and Luhansk government controlled area (if data are available) according the following:

  1. Macroeconomic indicators for Ukraine:

Area (km2); Population (mil.); GDP (mil. EUR, current prices); GDP per capita (EUR); GDP, real annual growth rate (%); Average annual rate of consumer price inflation; Exports of goods and services (% of GDP); Imports of goods and services (% of GDP); External debt (million EUR, end of period); External debt (% of GDP); Gross international reserves (million EUR-end of the period); National currency, hryvnia (UAH); Average exchange rate (UAH: 1 EUR); Average exchange rate (UAH: 1 USD); General government debt (% of GDP); Unemployment rate (%); Major tax rates (Income tax rates; Corporate income tax rate; Value added tax rate),

  1. International rankings of Ukraine: Global Competitiveness Index ranking (World Economic Forum); Doing Business ranking (World Bank); Corruption Perceptions Index (Transparency International);
  2. A framework socio-economic analysis of the Donbas Region (Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts): General assessment of the current political and economic situation; is there any economic recovery plan for the Region in place? what are major risks for potential investors; current status of the rule of law; what are major issues at the time being that prevent/stop investment flow; general macroeconomic overview for both regions; are there any foreign/domestic investors in the Region; what is the state of physical infrastructure (roads; railway, sea-ports; aeroports); what industry sectors are most represented in the economy of the Region; what industry sectors are most suitable/potent/attractive for foreign and domestic investment attraction; what is the situation with the current state of educational infrastructure facilities (schools, faculties); What is the situation with the labor force (unemployment rate; age structure; educational structure, skilled vs unskilled workers, man vs woman ratios etc.); situation with the ICT infrastructure and people possessing ICT skills; are there greenfield sites available for investment; what is condition of brownfield sites; are there quality regional suppliers for potential investors; what are likely key selling points (unique selling proposition) for the Region; do oblasts seek labor-intensive or capital intensive investment; Cost of doing business (cost of electricity; the cost of water; the cost of the telephone; average monthly gross salary of non-skilled/skilled/high skilled worker – in EUR or USD).


The Consultant will assess the current situation of investment promotion in Donbas region vs other Ukrainian regions and assessment of UkraineInvest vs Commonwealth of Independent States IPAs.

  1. The aim of the first part of the analysis is to compare the current competitive position in the promotion of investment in the Donbas region with the position of other areas in Ukraine. The analysis will contain the following elements: How many regions in Ukraine have investment promotion agency; are this IPAs independent or represent department within the region; what are their major functions; how many staff they have; what are their major sources of finance; what is approx. annual budget.
  2. Also, the analyst will compare the competitive position of UkraineInvest with the position of the IPAs of the Commonwealth of Independent States.The analysis will contain the following elements: what are their major functions; how many staff they have; what are their major sources of finance; what is approx. annual budget.


The Consultant will assess the current capacity of departments in Donetsk and Luhansk oblast responsible for investment promotion. The task includes the following activities:

  1. Translate the Questionnaire according to which the interview will be conducted from English into the Ukrainian language;
  2. To conduct an interview with the heads of departments for investment promotion in the Donetsk and Luhansk region, according to the translated Questionnaire;
  3. In addition to direct answers to the questions from the questionnaire, record all other relevant comments of the heads of investment promotion departments;
  4. Translate the completed questionnaire with answers and all relevant comments into the English language;
  5. Write a short report with relevant comments and observations

About you

  • MA in Economics- preferably majoring in macroeconomics
  • Professional English and Ukrainian is required

Required expertise:

  • good understanding of the role of foreign and domestic investment for economic growth and economic development and growth,
  • knowledge of the Investment Promotion Agency’s activities is an advantage.
  • solid knowledge of the socio-economic situations and conditions in the eastern Ukraine region (Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts).
  • a good understanding of the main industrial sectors in Eastern Ukraine
  • good knowledge of the macroeconomic situation and conditions in Ukraine and the neighboring countries.
  • solid experience in writing economic analyzes and reports in the English language
  • previous experience in conducting interviews,
  • experience in monitoring major economic indicators
  • ability to translate the Questionnaire from English into Ukrainian and vice versa,
  • the ability to enter answers to the Questionnaire credibly and quickly,
  • adaptability and ability to adapt to the interviewee,
  • experience in writing the results of surveys in the English language,
  • experience in writing reports in the English language.

Professional competenices:

  • Fluent English, both spoken and written
  • good communication and presentation skills
  • good marketing and sales skills
  • previous experience of project collaboration or teamwork within international development project is a plus
  • strong MS Office skills

Application process

All applicants must fill in the necessary information about yourself using the link below and attach a cover letter and updated CV (no longer than four pages) in English 

— > LINK  <—

Closing date for applications: November 08, 2020 

For further information about the DAI GLOBAL LLC, please consult our website dai.com 

If you want to learn more about Economic resilience Activity, please visit our facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/ERAUkraine 

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