Спеціаліст/ка з громадської безпеки (ПРООН) / Community Security Associate (UNDP)

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Programme Officer

Community Security Associate
Спеціаліст/ка з громадської безпеки (ПРООН) / Community Security Associate (UNDP)

The project Harnessing the potential of vulnerable groups for stabilization and recovery of eastern and southern regions of Ukraine has been designed to provide comprehensive support across three interlinked strategic directions: the re-establishment/enhancement of security service provision, including in areas that were significantly affected by the war and temporarily not under the control of the Government of Ukraine; the creation of inclusive and participatory mechanisms for community-led reintegration of veterans and their family members, enhancing service provision to the veteran community while at the same time unlocking their social and human capital to the benefit of community recovery; and supporting the meaningful engagement of women, and especially young women, in planning, implementation, and monitoring of recovery processes, in supporting the social fabric and resilience of their communities, thus unlocking the gender transformative potential of the recovery and social cohesion processes. The project is generously funded by the Government of Germany through the Stabilization Unit within the German Federal Foreign Office and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France.

The Community Security Associate will be responsible for assisting and supporting in the management and oversight of the activities that engage with security service providers, including but not limited to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the National Police, firefighting brigades (both professional and volunteers), community police officers, Border Guards, and civil society service providers at national and subnational level, to address emerging needs brought by the war, and support progressive stabilization across project implementation regions in eastern and southern Ukraine.

The incumbent will promote UNDP’s mandate as a gender-responsive organization with zero tolerance for any kind of discriminatory and abusive behaviour, including sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse.

Requirements for candidates:

  • 5 years of experience in administration, logistics, law or other related to the assignment fields.
  • Desired experience:
  • Experience in preparing action plans and implementation of activities would be desirable.
  • Previous experience in implementation of community-based development initiatives and/or experience with working with civil society organizations would be desirable.
  • Required skills and competencies:
  • Excellent computer skills (including, MS Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.).
  • Good writing, communication and organization skills. Ability to set priorities, meet specific objectives, use political judgment and knowledge.
  • Good interpersonal skills, diligence, open mindedness, and dedication.
  • Excellent team and networking skills.
  • Secondary education
  • Ukrainian, Level: Fluent, Required
  • English, Level: Working knowledge, Required

You will have the opportunity to apply your talent while working for a noble cause. UN Volunteers receive a monthly living allowance (VLA), as well as life insurance and full health insurance.

This position comes with the following benefits and entitlements for UN Volunteers (National UN Volunteer Specialist):

  • Monthly Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA) (equivalent in UAH): USD 1,587
  • Medical and life insurance: Cigna Private Insurance
  • Annual leave: 30 days
  • Certified sick leave: 30 days annually
  • Uncertified sick leave: 7 days annually
  • Learning leave: 10 days annually

To apply for a vacancy, please first register on the UN Volunteers platform https://app.unv.org/ and send an application using this link: https://app.unv.org/opportunities/1747838449281280

The final date to apply is February 26 inclusive.

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