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new Sphere-HB-Ukrainian_Book_Mockup_5-no-textSphere is inviting proposals from professional translators – including individual translators, groups of
translators and translation companies – to translate the full text of the Sphere 2018 Handbook from English into Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian and Slovak.

About Sphere
Sphereis a diverse global community of purpose and practice that brings together frontline practitioners, humanitarian agencies, community organisations, trainers, donors, policy makers,government agencies and affected communities, around a common goal– to improve the resilience of, and outcomes for, people affected by disaster and crisis. Sphere establishes, promotes and reviews quality standards for humanitarian action which providean accountable framework for preparedness, resource allocation, response, monitoring andadvocacy, before, during and after disasters and crises.
Sphere believes that people affected by crisis must be at the centre of decisions about humanitarian protection, assistance, recovery andresilience.
Sphere will translate the Sphere Handbook into Ukrainian, Polish, Slovak and Romanian, and expand its network– of trainers, focal points, members, experts and practitioners – in Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova.
There is a need and an appetite among humanitarian actors on the ground, including those workingin reception centres and elsewhere, for training in humanitarian principles and standards. The Sphere Handbook – built on the foundations of human rights, evidence and experience – guidesthose responding to crises to implement better quality and more accountable humanitarian programmes, leading to better outcomes for and improved resilience of people affected by crisis.
Scope of translation contract
Sphere is inviting proposals from professional translators – including individual translators, groups oftranslators and translation companies – to translate the full text of the Sphere 2018 Handbook from English into Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian and Slovak (you may apply for one or more languages).
The word count in English is approximately 131,000. The source documents can be provided on request, in which case they must be used strictly for the purpose of preparing a bid and nothing else.
Closing date for applications: Sunday 28 August
Supplier selection and contracting: by Friday 16 September 2022
Translation starts: by 19 September 2022
Translation complete: by 31 January 2023
  • The English text will be provided in MS Word format, including hiddenindex tags. Thetranslated version must be returned in the same format with no alteration made to the MS Word Styles or formatting, including translated index tags.
  • The translator is not required to perform graphic design tasks; all text in diagrams andcovers will be provided to the translatorassimple translation tables (in MS Word) fromwhich the publisher will produce the translated graphics.
  • Sphere will provide an initialbilingual (English and target language) list of 550key words andterms.
  • The maximum allowed time for translation is 4½months for individual translators.Companies and pairs or groups of translators are expected to aim for 2 to 3 months.
  • Sphere will propose a small advisory group for each target language, consisting of native language humanitarian professionals and led by a linguistic lead, to support the translator(s).
  • Sphere recommends the Protection Principles chapter (4,700 words) is translated first,followed by a short pause of a few days in translation to allow the linguistic lead and theadvisory group to review this initial tranche of work and catch any serious problems early.
  • The translator should prioritise work on Chapters 1 to 4(the“foundation” chapters) and one standard selected (by Sphere)from eachtechnicalchapter (around 35,000 words in total) which should be delivered to Sphere one month after the translation start date. These willbe used in draft form to support training events. The translator may continue to make alterations to these translations afterthis initial delivery.
Note: The 2011 version of the Sphere Handbook was previously translated into Ukrainian, andaround 15% of the text is identical to the 2018 version (i.e., the Humanitarian Charter and the Codeof Conduct). The Handbook has never been fully translated into Polish, Slovak or Romanian. The translator may refer to existing translated materials butmust view the work of others with a critical eye.
How to Apply
Proposals should be submitted to [email protected] no later than midnight on Sunday28 August 2022.
Submissions should includethe following:
-CV(s) of translator(s)
-Worksamples relevant tothehumanitarian sector and showing excellent familiarity with sector-relatedvocabulary. The linguistic lead and the advisory group should be able to assist with highly technical or specific terms, but the translator must have a good grasp of practical humanitarian secto rlanguage.
 -Customer references (relevant to sector)
-Turnaround time for this project (maximum 4½ months for individuals, less for others)
-Financial offer: full cost structure broken down by language (if more than one language) and split by per-word and fixed-overheads, as applicable.
To the extent that it supports your application, please feel free to provide additional information such as technologies employed, e.g. proprietary solutions and customer portals, or quality controls, e.g. ISO certifications and customer survey results.
Submissions from companies and groups of translators should additionally include, if applicable:
-Presentation of company: number of employees, top customers, office locations and organisational structure
-Number of translators with relevant sector knowledge by language-CV(s) of Project Manager(s)
-Vendor management: how freelance translators are recruited, tested and monitoredSelection procedure
Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
Shortlisted applicants will be asked to complete a test translation – of a section of the Sphere Handbook containing no more than 500 words and without reference to Sphere’s translated list of terms – to prove the quality of their work and their familiarity with sector-related vocabulary.
Shortlisted applicants may be invited for interview.Selection will be made based on several factors including experience in the relevant field, the quality of the test translation, ability to comply with the deadlines and pricing proposal.
Other terms
Sphere will not be liable for any costs associated with the preparation, transmittal or presentation of any materials submitted in response to this RFP or any test translation and reserves the right to request further information before making an award. Selected companies/individuals will be expected to use Sphere’s standard contract template, a copy of which is available upon request. Successful applicants will be contracted for this project of approximately 131,000 words and offered a separate framework contract to cover additional ad-hoc materials, including, but not limited to, training materials, news items, newsletters, posts and event flyers.

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