Проєктний асистент/ка з комунікацій / Communications and Project Assistant


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Проєктний асистент/ка з комунікацій / Communications and Project Assistant





 Communication & Project Assistant


National professional (junior level) – SB4

Main Duty Station and Location:

Lviv, Ukraine

Mission/s to:

As required

Start of Contract (EOD):

July 2024

End of Contract (COB):

15 December 2024 (with possibility of extension)

Contract Type:

Regular (full time)




The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is the specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability. The mission of UNIDO, as described in the Lima Declaration adopted at the fifteenth session of the UNIDO General Conference in 2013 as well as the Abu Dhabi Declaration adopted at the eighteenth session of UNIDO General Conference in 2019, is to promote and accelerate inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID) in Member States. The relevance of ISID as an integrated approach to all three pillars of sustainable development is recognized by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which will frame United Nations and country efforts towards sustainable development. UNIDO’s mandate is fully recognized in SDG-9, which calls to “Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”. The relevance of ISID, however, applies in greater or lesser extent to all SDGs. Accordingly, the Organization’s programmatic focus is structured in four strategic priorities: Creating shared prosperity; Advancing economic competitiveness; Safeguarding the environment; and Strengthening knowledge and institutions.

Each of these programmatic fields of activity contains a number of individual programmes, which are implemented in a holistic manner to achieve effective outcomes and impacts through UNIDO’s four enabling functions: (i) technical cooperation; (ii) analytical and research functions and policy advisory services; (iii) normative functions and standards and quality-related activities; and (iv) convening and partnerships for knowledge transfer, networking and industrial cooperation. Such core functions are carried out in Departments/Offices in its Headquarters, Regional Offices and Hubs and Country Offices.


Under the overall direction of the Director General, and in close collaboration with all organizational entities within UNIDO, in particular the Office of Change Management (ODG/CHM), the Office of Legal Affairs and Compliance (ODG/LEG), the Strategic Planning and UN Engagement Division (ODG/SPU), and the Office of Evaluation and Internal Oversight (EIO), the Directorate of SDG Innovation and Economic Transformation (IET), headed by a Managing Director, is responsible for the development of innovative UNIDO services in the areas of agro-industry and agribusiness, sustainability standards and fair production, and climate-relevant or climate-improving technologies. It is also, in collaboration with ODG, responsible for developing innovative technical cooperation concepts, identifying new sources and means of finance and entering into new partnerships with a broad range of relevant stakeholders.

 The Directorate houses the Divisions of Coordination and Integration Support (IET/CIS), Quality, Impact and Accountability (IET/QUA), Agribusiness and Infrastructure Development (IET/AGR), Innovative Finance and International Financial Institutions (IET/IFI), Fair Production, Sustainability Standards and Trade (IET/PST), Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), and Climate and Technology Partnerships (CTP). The Directorate also ensures close coordination and collaboration among the Divisions and relevant entities in the Directorate of Global Partnerships and External Relations (GLO) and the Directorate of Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Industrial Development (TCS).

Division of Fair Production, Sustainability Standards and Trade (IET/PST)

Under the overall guidance of the Director General, the direct supervision of the Managing Director, Directorate of SDG Innovation and Economic Transformation (IET), and in close coordination with other organizational entities within UNIDO, the Division of Fair Production, Sustainability Standards and Trade (IET/PST) develops and implements an innovative service package in response to UNIDO’s mandate for fair and responsible local industrial production and trade with a particular focus on building the required skills and capacities and foster a conducive business operating environment to ensure that such production and trade are as inclusive as possible, promoting – among others – the development of human capital through vocational training and industrial skills development. In collaboration with IET/IFI, IET/PPP, TCS/SME, TCS/CPA, and GLO/MSR, the Division will conceptualize and negotiate such services and raise funds from Member States, development partners, IFIs, and the private sector to coordinate their effective implementation and devise ways in which their implementation can be brought to scale. This will include cross-cutting and sector-specific initiatives for sustainable supply/value chain and skills development in industrial sectors where UNIDO has, over the years, accumulated expertise, such as agro-industries, fisheries, textiles, leather, light manufacturing, health, mining, automotive and pharma and others. It will do so through close engagement with Member States, private sector associations, industrial enterprises, international quality, standards and trade-related governing bodies, other UN Agencies (e.g. ILO), development partners, NGOs and consumer associations, as appropriate, ensuring solid and operational partnerships.

Skills Development and Fair Production Unit (IET/PST/SFP)

The Skills Development and Fair Production Unit supports Member States in integrating into the emerging global systems of fair and sustainable trade. To this end, it leverages partnerships with the private sector to enhance employees’ skill sets to become the sources driving the sustainable transition. The Unit also promotes learning, concepts and norms to augment the attractiveness of industrial employment for youth and women under transparent, fair and social working conditions. The Unit also deploys foresight and planning instruments to guide Member States in developing the industrial skills in future cohorts of industrial employees and respond to re- and up-skilling requirements of actors in a sustainable value chain.


SAP 220228: Project “Women and youth economic empowerment in western Ukraine for inclusive and sustainable recovery”. This project aims to support three selected provinces of western Ukraine to revitalize and strengthen economic activities in view of the encountered socio-economic challenges. At meso-level, the initiative will help enhance the knowledge of local business support institutions in critical areas around digital sustainable entrepreneurship. The project will also support educational institutions, including technical universities and vocational training centers, to enrich their courses with entrepreneurship tools including digital literacy, new technologies and mindset training to prepare students for their future work. Collaboration with local industry, including Austrian companies operating in Ukraine, will facilitate skills matching and increase future employment opportunities for youth and women. At micro-level, the project will empower 200 aspiring entrepreneurs with sustainable business concepts and IT tools to facilitate the creation of new sustainable businesses in Western Ukraine. The project aims to create at least 1,200 new jobs during the three-year implementation period, in close collaboration with local partner institutions. The Expert will work in close collaboration with the National Project Coordinator, under the guidance of the International Communication Expert and will directly report to the Project Manager at HQ.


Under the direct supervision of the Project Manager and close cooperation with the project team in the HQ and field location, the expert will be responsible for the performance of the following main duties:


Concrete/ measurable

Outputs to be achieved

Contribute to the implementation of the project’s communications strategy, including ensuring media coverage to enhance project visibility.

Effective implementation of the communications strategy.

Support in organizing project meetings, events, training and workshops, performing general administrative and logistical tasks and ensuring effective stakeholder engagement.

Events organized, administrative and logistical tasks performed, and stakeholder engagement ensured.

Conduct interviews with entrepreneur beneficiaries, HP LIFE trainers, and partners to develop Success Stories in both Ukrainian and English, aligning with UNIDO and project partner guidelines for communication and advocacy content.

Success Stories in both Ukrainian and English

(> 1 success story per region)

Support in the development of a social media toolkit and the creation of written and visual content for social media posts, press releases, media interviews, reports, and other publications, emphasizing newsworthy stories about project activities.

Social Media Toolkit created.

Regular production and distribution of content across various platforms

Coordinate the development of promotional materials such as gadgets, banners, and flyers, success story videos and magazine features, in collaboration with designers, film crews, printers, journalists, and project partners for efficient distribution.

Timely production and distribution of promotional materials as per project requirements

Liaise with the media and the communication teams of partners to expand project reach and media coverage. This includes identifying communication synergies and establishing a database of relevant media outlets, journalists, and influencers and working with them to spread project messages.

Partnerships with partners, media outlets and journalists established leading to increased media coverage and project visibility




Advanced university degree (Master’s degree) in International Business, Journalism, Marketing, Communications, PR, and Business Administration is required. Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree with 2 years of professional experience can also apply.

Technical and Functional Experience:

  • At least one (1) year of professional experience (two (2) years if the candidate has only a Bachelor’s degree) in public relations, communications, production of diverse marketing and communication materials across broadcast and online media is required.
  • Strong written communication skills, with the ability to craft compelling content tailored for various platforms and target audiences is required.
  • Proficiency in content creation tools (e.g. Canva or Adobe Creative Suite), particularly in graphic design and other relevant technical skills, to create visually appealing promotional materials is strongly desired.
  • Experience in developing and implementing effective media and outreach strategies is
  • Expertise in media relations and stakeholder engagement, as well as strong knowledge of Entrepreneurship Education and IT is strongly desired.

Languages: Fluency in written and spoken Ukrainian and English is required. Fluency and/or working knowledge of another official UN language is desirable.


Core values:

WE LIVE AND ACT WITH INTEGRITY: work honestly, openly and impartially.

WE SHOW PROFESSIONALISM: work hard and competently in a committed and responsible manner.

WE RESPECT DIVERSITY: work together effectively, respectfully and inclusively, regardless of our differences in culture and perspective.

Key competencies:

WE FOCUS ON PEOPLE: cooperate to fully reach our potential – and this is true for our colleagues as well as our clients. Emotional intelligence and receptiveness are vital parts of our UNIDO identity.

WE FOCUS ON RESULTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: focus on planning, organizing and managing our work effectively and efficiently. We are responsible and accountable for achieving our results and meeting our performance standards. This accountability does not end with our colleagues and supervisors, but we also owe it to those we serve and who have trusted us to contribute to a better, safer and healthier world.

WE COMMUNICATE AND EARN TRUST: communicate effectively with one another and build an environment of trust where we can all excel in our work.

WE THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX AND INNOVATE: To stay relevant, we continuously improve, support innovation, share our knowledge and skills, and learn from one another.


Please send your resume and motivation letter to: [email protected] till 01 of July 2024


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