Менеджер/ка з безпекових та логістичних питань / Security and Logistics Manager


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Менеджер/ка з безпекових та логістичних питань / Security and Logistics Manager

Deloitte is seeking qualified candidates to serve as Security and Logistics Manager in support of USAID-funded projects, Health Reform Support (HRS), and the State-Owned Enterprise Activity (SOERA). The position is full-time and will be based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Project Description

Deloitte Consulting Overseas Projects, LLC (DCOP) is currently implementing two USAID-funded projects in Ukraine: the Health Reform Support (HRS) activity and the State-Owned Enterprise Activity (SOERA). DCOP seeks to hire a full-time Security and Logistics Manager located in Kyiv, Ukraine to support its in-country presence.

Position Overview:

The Security and Logistics Manager (SLM) works at operational and tactical levels, acting as the focal point for safety security functions within the project teams. The SLM works with the project teams to provide secure and efficient project operations. With supervision by the project management and Deloitte Security, the SLM manages and coordinates travel logistics and makes certain the security protocols are followed consistently. The SLM receives direction from, the local project management team and the Security Manager at Deloitte US (Deloitte Security) regarding strategic risks; high impact risk incidents; critical event planning; the management of risk related policies, plans and protocols; service provider standards; and the targeting [direct or indirect] of Deloitte’s people, infrastructure, activities; and interests. The SLM will also provide subcontract oversight of and will coordinate directly with the in-country security provider.

  • This position is based in Kyiv and open only to Cooperating Country Nationals (CCNs). Candidates must be willing and able to work from the projects’ office in the city center on a regular basis.
  • The position reports to the Deloitte US Senior Security Manager, but is expected to collaborate closely with project leadership, particularly the Chiefs-of-Party.
  • The position is expected to start in mid-December 2023 through March 31, 2025, pending successful completion of a 3-month probationary period.

Key functions of the SLM position include:

  • Security Operations: Responsible for all intra-Ukraine security operations for the Deloitte projects. Security operations include but are not limited to: risk assessments of all project locations and development of appropriate risk mitigation measures, provision of regular or as needed updates to the project leadership regarding relevant security incidents and changes to the identified threats.  Additionally, the SLM will track and report all security incidents in a timely manner. The SLM will maintain and implement all safety policies, plans and protocols, and will report any shortfalls to Deloitte Security and the project leadership
  • Security Management: Create and maintain risk assessment and mitigation plans, raise security concerns with project management and the Deloitte home office security team, track trending and emergent threats, coordinate the collection of information with stakeholder groups, conduct risk assessments for facilities, activities, travel, VIP and high profile events or visits, and other events, implementing and maintaining all associated policies, plans and procedures, and overseeing security related
  • Logistics and Fleet Management: Support the project management team in the identification of vendors, to include conducting due diligence reviews on the potential vendors. Responsible for fleet management activities, including maintenance and servicing of fleet vehicles, securing and managing ad hoc vehicle support, managing fleet drivers from both an operational and standards perspective, scheduling vehicle use and prioritizations, and the movement of people and stores in an effective in a timely Conduct scheduled and spot check audits on asset serviceability and procurement needs for facilities, events and vehicles.
  • Emergency Management: Act as a technical advisor during an emergency event, and act as a bridge to the project headquarters and the Deloitte Office of Security.

Specific Tasks of the SLM position include:

  • Coordinates logistics for travelers to Ukraine with Operations Team (ensures train tickets/vehicles, hotel arrangements, guest apartments/houses, etc. are pre-planned and communicated to the necessary parties);
  • Liaises with security vendor for logistics of ad hoc or in extremis support;
  • Coordinates with international travelers and drivers on daily movement plans;
  • Conducts security assessments for venues, facilities, routes, etc. that may be necessary for the review/approval of certain project activities;
  • Manages check-in and emergency communication procedures with CCNs;
  • Provide technical security advice and recommendations to the Deloitte Home Office Security team and the project Leadership regarding existing and potential threats throughout the course of the project;
  • Help with security assessments in the field locations and the establishment of effective physical and procedural security measures;
  • Work with the project Leadership and Deloitte Security to establish and maintain communications with the US Embassy Regional Security Office(r) (RSO);
  • Liaise with local law enforcement, diplomatic/international organizations and private security officers in close consultation with the in-country security team;
  • Monitor status of local investigations involving Deloitte interests;
  • Advise project staff and regarding criminal incidents, suspicious activity, and special coverage to the local authorities;
  • Assist in investigation of security cases, traffic incidents and petty crime that impact Deloitte staff or assets;
  • In coordination with the project management team and the Deloitte home office security team, develop and implement both shelter-in-place protocols and evacuation plans in the event of any health or security emergency;
  • Draft security advisories with advice on risk mitigation for issuance to the project staff regarding the general security situation, specific incidents and during periods of heightened threat;
  • Develop, maintain and periodically test a staff telephone tree and warden system;
  • Facilitate security, fire, life safety, building evacuation training and briefings for all staff;
  • Maintain the travel management system and travel clearance program in coordination with the project operations team and Deloitte Security to track the location and contact information for all staff;
  • Work with project management to keep all power, water and communications services online and in proper working order;
  • Oversee project vehicle maintenance to keep the vehicles in proper working order
  • Inform project management of driver issues; including complaints, disciplinary issues, hygiene, accidents and other incidents;
  • Oversee vehicle expenditures, including vehicle fuel and servicing logs;
  • Ensure office and residences are secure for Deloitte personnel;
  • Check Fire Extinguishers and First Aid kits on a recurring basis; and
  • Other tasks and responsibilities that may become evident throughout the course of the

Deliverables and Reporting Requirements

  • Prepare a weekly Situation Report with an updated assessment of security concerns in Kyiv, Ukraine and other locations where the project has ongoing operations.
  • Update incident tracker on an as-needed basis, with a summary report to be included in the weekly Situation Report.

The SLM should have the following experiences and skills:

  • Strong communication skills (verbal and written) in English and Ukrainian languages;
  • Effective analytical skills and problem-solving skills;
  • At least 5 years of experience in security or operations management role; previous experience as a security focal point for an international development project strongly preferred;
  • Bachelor’s degree (or higher);
  • Accredited training and qualifications in risk management preferred;
  • An effective and credible instructor;
  • Strong logistics administrative skills and qualifications;
  • Ability to work with both leaders, peers and subordinates in an effective and polite manner;
  • Ability to work effectively with external stakeholders;
  • Ability to offer concise and effective recommendations to the project Leaders before, during and after a crisis;
  • Familiarity with Microsoft products, including Outlook, Excel and Sharepoint;
  • Extensive knowledge about the security conditions in Kyiv and contacts within the local police, military or government agencies highly valued;
  • Track record of building collaborative relationships with colleagues and partners alike with a reputation for being “solutions-oriented”;
  • Strong knowledge of applicable U.S. federal regulations, contract/subcontract management principles, and USAID policies highly valued; and
  • Demonstrated capacity think critically about problems to identify next steps and outcomes.

Deloitte welcomes and supports a diverse, inclusive work environment. As such, our commitment is to promote equal employment opportunities for all applicants. Deloitte makes employment decisions based on organizational needs, job requirements and individual qualifications without regard to age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, etc.

Qualified candidates are expected to send their CVs, cover letters, and two reference letters to [email protected] no later than December 10, 2023. Please indicate the following in the subject field of the email: “Security and Logistics Manager“. Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview

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