Logistics Officer – Odesa / Офіцер/ка з логістики – Одеса


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Logistics Officer – Odesa / Офіцер/ка з логістики – Одеса

Location: Odesa (with possible travel to Kyiv, Lviv and Dnipro)

Duration: 12 months renewable

Conditions: Employment contract, gross monthly salary between Employment contract, gross monthly salary between 1,863 Euro – 2111 Euro, depending on proven relevant experience for the post.

Starting date: as soon as possible


CARE International (CI) is among the world’s largest international non-governmental humanitarian relief and development Confederations. Drawing on more than 75 years of experience, through its 21 Members, as both a practitioner and thought leader, CI’s work reaches over 100 countries worldwide to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice.

CARE’s vision is to seek a world of hope, inclusion, and social justice; where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security. CARE focuses heavily on women and girls, and the areas of gender equality, diversity, and inclusion are at the center of our work because we know that we cannot overcome poverty and social injustice until all people have equal rights and opportunities. We recognize that power relations between people and within systems and structures are unequal and that these are entrenched in our broader systems, structures, and institutions.

At the core of the CI Confederation is a globally distributed Secretariat, which provides coordination and support to its Members in areas including governance, strategic planning, communications, membership development and accountability, advocacy, humanitarian response, and program development. In addition, the Secretariat represents the CI Confederation at the United Nations and the European Union and with other external stakeholders.


On 24th February 2022, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine marked a significant escalation to the conflict that started in 2014. It continues to profoundly impact the lives of people across the country at various levels. The front line is continuously shifting and there are areas controlled by Russian forces as well as cities under siege. Aerial attacks on military installations and critical civilian infrastructures are conducted in the whole territory of Ukraine, often resulting in collateral civilian casualties. The conflict has caused the largest population movement in Europe since World War II, with 6.24 million displaced within Ukraine and 7.68 million refugees having fled to neighboring countries. By October 26, OCHA had counted 17.7 million people in need of humanitarian assistance.

Amid the upcoming winter, which is anticipated to be the worst in decades, at least one-third of the country’s energy infrastructure is damaged, leaving millions without heating and access to water. In October, the Russian Federation claimed to have annexed four Ukrainian oblasts, further increasing the challenge of access to these areas. Therefore, in addition to preparing the population for the approaching winter, an ongoing priority for the international humanitarian response is to secure access to recently liberated and recaptured areas in the East and to provide aid to previously unreachable and particularly hard-hit areas of Ukraine.


As a new actor in Ukraine, CARE prioritizes a locally led response and is partnering primarily with Civil-Society Organizations (CSOs), National NGOs, local authorities, and when needed, INGOs with a longstanding presence in the country and access to hard-to-reach areas. CARE Ukraine deliberately and strategically prioritizes partnerships with local and national Women Led and Women Rights organizations (WLO’s/ WRO’s), further strengthening the Gender in Emergencies (GiE) principle and the Women Lead in Emergencies (WLiE) approach. In the first few weeks after the escalation of the war, virtually all humanitarian aid inside Ukraine was organized and implemented by local actors. These groups (together with local authorities) remain the principal aid providers but are quickly being exhausted of funds, fuel, and physical energy. Thereby, a considerable proportion of CARE’s resources is dedicated to strengthening and supporting the capacities of local partners. 

As of November 2022, CARE Ukraine established partnerships with twelve local/national organizations (incl. four WLO’s/WRO’s) and five international NGOs. From the more than 28 Mio that have been raised for Ukraine thus far, more than half is allocated to local/national partners. Through the activities that have been implemented so far, CARE Ukraine was able to reach 550,030 people, including IDPs and affected populations in hard-to-reach areas.

While CARE Ukraine’s office is currently located in Lviv, we are continuously working on strategically expanding CARE’s presence and reach with plans to open an office in Kyiv as well as field offices in Dnipro and Odesa, covering both the East and South of the country.

Objectives of the mission

We are seeking to hire a Logistics Officer (LO) to manage, coordinate, implement, monitor and report our logistics operations in an orderly, optimized, efficient and compliant manner in order to ensure smooth implementation of our projects in Ukraine, Odesa Area.

Working under the direction of the Area Support Services Coordinator, under technical supervision of the Logistics Manager, the Logistics Officer will be responsible for managing the logistics operation for the CARE Odesa office. Odesa base is mainly supporting implementing partners and is itself implementing projects. In close cooperation with the Procurement Officer Odesa, her/his main responsibilities will be to administrate logistics flows regarding storage, assets, transports of people and goods, fleet, and facilities in Odesa as well as supporting the Logistics Coordinator Partnerships.

The main responsibilities include:

The position holder will


  • Supplement the Procurement Officer where applicable, required and where workload allows it, under supervision of the Area Support Services Coordinator

Stock management

  • Manage each stock request as per the SOP, in time and with correct required documents
  • Update the stock report on daily bases and share it on weekly bases with concerned stakeholders
  • Manage, follow and update the available space inside each warehouse in the area and communicate with all concerned stakeholders
  • Manage, organize and arrange stocks as per CARE Ukraine SOP and guidelines
  • Plan, organize and manage stock entries and stock requests, with the necessary documents (stock cards, out of stock request, waybill and GRN), produced/updated on time, correctly fulfilled and archived in soft and in hard copy, in orderly manner, as per related SOP
  • Ensure and manage the appropriate safety and security measures are in place and that goods are secured (rodents/fire/flooding/robbery mitigation measures)
  • Conduct regular physical inventory count checks, formalized, and signed. Where appropriate, investigate, report, propose corrective measures and produce necessary documents to justify discrepancy (loss/damage/robbery report)
  • Support the Support Services Coordinator and the Log Manager in forecasting the storage capacity and solutions for ongoing and new projects
  • Follow up on stocks and ensure that there is no unnecessary sleeping stock and report when the fulfillment rate is too low for a long period of time
  • Support the Log Manager in intermediary and final reports regarding remaining stocks

Asset and Inventory management

In cooperation with the Procurement Officer

  • Manage asset or inventory requests as per the Assets and Inventory SOP, in time and with correct documents (staff asset form), organize and manage the transport and delivery to where it is requested
  • Manage and update the asset and inventory report on daily bases and share it on monthly bases with concerned stakeholders
  • Manage and follow on the asset and inventory maintenance follow up tool, including the warranty follow up, and ensure that necessary maintenance is carried out on time either internally or by outsourcing in order to avoid any breakdown
  • Manage the tagging of all assets and inventories with archiving of relative documents in soft and hard copy (insurance, warranty, copy of invoice, user’s manual)
  • Manage the storage of assets with appropriate safety and security measures in order to keep them safe and secured
  • Provide each user receiving an asset with necessary training in order to avoid misuse
  • Conduct regular physical inventory count checks, for Assets and Inventories, formalized, and undersigned by inventorying team. Where appropriate, investigate, report, propose corrective measures and produce necessary documents to justify the potentials discrepancies (loss/damage certificate)
  • Support the Area Support Services Coordinator and the Log Manager in forecasting the asset needs for coming months/projects according to the wear rate and to the remaining estimated lifespan of existing assets
  • Support the Log Manager in intermediary and final project report regarding assets

Transportation/Fleet management

  • Manage and organize the movement requests for in city and intercity bookings, with appropriate communication and documents as per the Movement Request SOP
  • Ensure that each movement planned is approved by security team
  • Manage the movements of vehicles in an optimized manner, follow on fleet capacity, where appropriate report and justify the additional extra needs to the Log Manager and Area Manager.
  • Manage the vehicle maintenances on time as per the asset maintenance follow up, with outsourced purchase where necessary
  • Ensure that the logbooks are in place aboard each vehicle, and correctly updated by drivers
  • Ensure that each vehicle contains security and safety means, as well as necessary documents (insurance, registration certificate, first ai kit, spare wheels, minimum mechanical tools, yellow jacket and triangle etc). Take necessary action where applicable when gaps are identified
  • Manage the renewal of vehicles and drivers documents before expiry date, using a formalized follow up tool. Insurances, registration documents, drivers license, mission orders etc are in line with the country regulations
  • Ensure that daily and prior to each movement, basic checks are carried out by drivers and formalized within a signed check list
  • Ensure that each driver has a good knowledge of the area they are driving to and that they receive security and safety training
  • Manage and update the fuel consumption follow up, and that each vehicle is refueled every end of week and before a long trip
  • Manage the archiving of logbooks in soft and hard copy once complete
  • Conduct regular physical inventories of vehicles, formalized, and undersigned. Where appropriate, investigate, report, propose corrective measures and produce necessary documents to justify anomalies (loss/damage/robbery report)
  • Support the Area Support Services Coordinator, and the Log Manager in intermediary and final project report for vehicles related matters
  • Ensure that any transport of goods, for outsourced and internally carried items, are always accompanied with necessary documents. Draft necessary and or collect necessary documents such as waybill, mission order, packing list, certificate of origin, customs certificate, hygiene certificate, quality certificates and ensure their correct soft communication to the final delivery point
  • Manage and prepare the shipment loading/offloading are well prepared, on time, with necessary physical means (workers handling tools and PPE), and that loading plans are drafted prior to the loading day.
  • Ensure anticipation, coordination, and communications, in between concerned stakeholders, for each transport, optimizing the time and the resources.


  • Manag lease contract follow up for all facilities in Odesa area and update when necessary in order to ensure the renewal of contracts on time and the forecast of expenses, using contract follow up tool
  • Archive all lease contracts with their amendments in soft and hard copy
  • Manage and update the allocation table of all guesthouses on weekly bases, share with concerned staff and ensure that all guesthouses are ready on time for any newcomer or visitors
  • Manage any issue with the utilities, solving them in a time and appropriate manner. Where applicable, liaise directly with the landlord (plumbery, electricity, heating system or internally when landlord’s responsibility is not engaged (breakdown of our own equipment, internet etc)
  • Key management for each facility and each room as an asset, with a follow up of the keys and their holders
  • Manage the utilities follow up as part of the lease contract follow up, ensure it is up to date, and payment instalment for all related bills are paid on time, in collaboration with finance focal point
  • Manage the facilities ticketing system with a simple SOP, shared with users for them to report any issues encountered
  • Forecast any need for additional building and report it to the Area Support Services Coordinator and Log Manager with justification for it
  • Identify and assess new buildings planned to be added to the park of facilities, in collaboration with the security department and edit the comparative table of the different options before to submit it to the Log Manager
  • Conduct an entry inventory report when a new building is rented, with landlord’s signature and picture of each room, taking note of each default
  • Manage and ensure necessary rehabilitation works when renting a new building, negotiating with the landlords in order to have those works done previously to start the rental contract
  • Manage and ensure the installation and maintenance of functional office space(s) and guesthouses is an adequate/ Ensure the application of defined safety and security measures and make inspection visits to assess the rehabilitation needs of facilities when required
  • Ensure that facilities have appropriate IT and Communications infrastructure and equipment allowing permanent communication between offices. Ensure that all staffs in the mission have proper training on how to use communications equipment available (e.g. satellite phones, PTT, trackers, computers, smart phones, etc.)


  • Ensure that all documents produced for all above subject are orderly archived in hard and soft copy, as per the SOPs and archiving tree defined by the Log Manager
  • Ensure that all archives in hard copy are marked according to the evacuation plan, by the three categories: to be left, to be taken and to be destroyed (green mark, orange mark, red mark). And ensure that destruction means are ready. Ensure that all electronic devices containing sensitive information are part of the evacuation plan


  • Manage smooth, anticipated, and optimized communication with internal stakeholders of Odesa Logs department, as well as with other departments, and with stakeholders from other CARE Ukraine offices, when necessary, at the appropriate level of management, according to SOP, logistics users guide as a necessity


  • Ensure the readiness of the logistics aspects for potential evacuation, relocation, and hibernation, as well as any other contingency plan
  • Identify and report to the Area Support Services Coordinator, the Log Manager and the Security team monitoring on any gaps or issues that may compromise the security of employees
  • Ensure the good respect of security rules within logistics operations in Odesa


The post holder should be able to demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Relevant University or Technical degree preferably in Logistics, or engineering, or equivalent experience in logistics, minimum 5 years, including 2 years in non-profit/humanitarian sector
  • Good capacity in equipment’s maintenance, facility maintenance and/or administration
  • Good organizational and planning skills
  • Details oriented, meticulous, efficient and logical, the ideal candidate should demonstrate a good capacity to administrate and coordinate various type of flows
  • Possesses excellent oral/writing communication skills in English and Ukrainian
  • Ability to work in a stressful environment and able to prioritize high workload with multiple tasks in fast-paced environment with tight deadlines.
  • Good computer skills – Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Google, Teams/Sharepoint a plus
  • Willing to travel to the field when required, infrequent bases
  • Ability to work as part of a team and culturally sensitive and able to work in multi-cultural team.
  • Results/action-orientation
  • Unquestionable personal code of ethics, integrity, diversity and trust
  • Detail-oriented, and self-starting
  • Strong belief in human rights and gender equality
  • Highly confidential


A commitment to CARE values and CARE’s integrity framework is critical to working with CARE. Any candidate offered a job with CARE will be expected to adhere to the following key areas of accountability:

  • Comply with CARE’s policies and procedures with respect to safeguarding, code of conduct, health and safety, confidentiality, do no harm principles and unacceptable behaviour protocols.
  • Report any concerns about the welfare of a child or vulnerable adult or any wrongdoings within the programming area.
  • Report any concerns about inappropriate behaviour of a CARE staff or partner.


Children and vulnerable adults who come into contact with CARE as a result of CARE activities must be safeguarded to the maximum possible extent from deliberate or inadvertent actions and failings that place them at risk of abuse, sexual exploitation, injury and any other harm. One of the ways that CARE shows this on-going commitment to safeguarding is to include rigorous background and reference checks in the selection process for all candidates.

Gender Equality:

CARE is committed to meeting the standards of the CARE International Gender Policy (2019). Through this policy, CARE seeks to promote the equal realization of dignity and human rights for girls, women, boys and men in all diversities, and the elimination of poverty and injustice. Specifically, this policy seeks to improve the explicit incorporation of gender in programmatic and organizational practices.

How to Apply:

Please send your complete application package (CV, motivation letter, references) only in English to Jo Fox at [email protected] no later than 20 February 2023 with Logistics Officer Odesa as the subject title of your email.   Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.  References will only be contacted after the interview. 

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