Local government asset management/ legal consultant for USAID DOBRE Program/ Консультант/ка-юрист/ка з управління активами


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Local government asset management/ legal consultant for USAID DOBRE Program/ Консультант/ка-юрист/ка з управління активами

Global Communities is seeking qualified short-term consultants for USAID-funded Decentralization Offering Better Results and Efficiency Program (DOBRE):


POSITION:                                       A LOCAL GOVERNANCE ASSET MANAGEMENT/LEGAL CONSULTANT (1 short-term post) to develop legal and technical report for local self-governance bodies of Consolidated Communities in Ukraine on a process to access, use, and maintain of municipally-owned equipment by local NGO and/or cooperative members and partners in DOBRE Program communities. 

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE:         Up to 5 months.

LOCATION OF PERFORMANCE:    Home-based via online commination tools

Level of Effort (LOE) DAYS:            Up to 25 LOE days combining legislation and documentation research, report writing and presenting. The exact number of days will be defined individually during contracting process.



Global Communities is implementing the USAID funded Decentralization Offering Better Results and Efficiency (DOBRE) program in Ukraine.  Launched in 2016, the program is helping leaders of newly formed Consolidated Communities (CC) to effectively manage resources, increase the quality of public services, stimulate local economics, and improve citizen engagement. DOBRE has helped communities in guiding community stakeholders through a participatory strategic planning process that engages citizens, identifies issues, allocates resources, and creates and implements programs that address priority needs of the communities. 

DOBRE Program operates in 7 target Oblasts: Dnipropetrovsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kharkiv, Kherson, Kirovohrad, Mykolayiv, and Ternopil. Since June 2020, DOBRE Program started operating in three more Oblasts: Zaporizhzhia, Chernivtsi and Chernihiv. DOBRE is working with consolidated communities providing support in several components, including Local Economic Development (LED) in which the Consultant will be a part of.

In Local Economic Development area DOBRE provides assistance to communities through workshops, conferences, meetings and tailored technical assistance by LED experts and consultants. DOBRE has facilitated the creation of the LED Consultancy and Advisory Steering Committees, helped develop Community LED Action Plans, and organized community resource data in Community Economic Profiles, and developed at least 3 priority LED projects with each community.  DOBRE co-funds some of the projects to support local economic development in targeted CCs. The Consultant will be part of DOBRE LED team.

Under this Terms of Reference DOBRE is looking for a Consultant who will develop brief legal and technical reports for local self-governance bodies on a process how to transfer, access, use, and maintain a municipally-owned equipment by local NGO and/or cooperative members and partners in DOBRE partner communities.

Scope of Work and Deliverables

Global Communities received two requests for a technical support in an area of a process to access, use, and maintain of municipally-owned equipment from Sosnytska CC (Chernihivska oblast) and Terebovlyanska CC (Ternopilska oblast).

Sosnytska community’s priority is developing existing Dairy Cooperative and Terebovlyanska community established and has been successfully developing Media Coworking Center. At this time, both communities lack professional asset management/legal expertise to fully understand their capabilities for providing an access, use, and maintain a municipally-owned equipment by local cooperative and/or NGO members and partners creating a successful and sustainable economic activity in these fields.

The Consultant should be able to:

  • Conduct legislation/regulatory analysis. DOBRE partner communities request an advice on how to follow the law and provide an access (to local cooperative and/or NGO members and partners), use and maintain a municipally-owned equipment; meet online with CCs LED working groups; analyze the Report on Mechanisms of Cooperative Access to municipally-owned coop equipment and take into account the existing analysis in providing consultancy service in this field; what mechanisms and tools CC local self-government bodies should use to meet those goals.
  • Conduct potential risk assessment and develop a risk management plan. The Consultant will conduct risk assessment for each legal mechanism she/he offers in the Report and suggest a risk management advice for CC local self-government bodies and for DOBRE.
  • Write a brief report. The Consultant will develop a brief Report for each CC focused on findings related to legislation analysis and risk assessment findings.
  • Present reports to each community and present summary at public DOBRE event to stimulate exchange of experience: DOBRE plans to conduct workshops and conferences to present best practices in LED. Consultant might be invited to speak at event(s) and attract additional presenters on the topic.

The consultant(s) will provide the following deliverables:

  • Reports in Ukrainian and presentation to communities (up to 12 days LOE). It will include a recommendation for each of two communities (up to 6 days of LOE for one community) on the most appropriate legal ways available for local government of consolidated communities (CC) in Ukraine in order to transfer and/or provide access for coop and/or NGO members and partners to equipment (and/or mechanisms, construction materials, etc.) that procured by DOBRE Program, an International Technical Assistance Program. The Consultant will advise on specific mechanisms/tools whenever CC local self-government bodies would be able to control usage of transferred equipment (and/or mechanisms, construction materials, etc.) The Report must include specific process (action steps) for local self-government bodies and templates (examples) of required local regulatory acts to be adopted by CC on a legal way that would be available.
    • Each Report shall be around 8-10 pages A-4 format. The Report should include, but is not limited to, the following sections:
      a) 2 or 3 the most appropriate mechanisms for mentioned CC local self-government bodies to provide members and partners of the NGO and/or the cooperative with an access to equipment (and/or mechanisms, construction materials, etc.)-municipally-owned property received from the DOBRE Program.
      b) 1 or 2 the most appropriate mechanisms under which mentioned CC local self-government bodies can control the use of transferred equipment (and/or mechanisms, materials, etc.) – municipally-owned property received as a grant from the DOBRE Program. Positive and negative consequences for CC local self-government bodies and for the DOBRE program for each mechanism.
      c) Samples/Templates of all required Acts (Documents) to be adopted by СС local self-government bodies for each of the mechanisms described in the Report.
      d) Conclusions and recommendations.
    • The Consultant will present the findings of each Report to local government and coop/NGO members and answer the related questions.
  • Online presentation of the Report findings/recommendations, and/or facilitation workshop(s) and/or webinar(s) during DOBRE event(s) (1 day LOE). This deliverable is optional and might be requested upon separate written request from DOBRE team. Logistical support arranging workshop(s)/ webinar(s) will be separately arranged by DOBRE team in case the Consultant would be willing to present offline.
  • Based on any new similar requests from partner communities, DOBRE may request the Consultant to provide similar consultancy services related to access, use and maintaining of a municipally-owned equipment. This request may result in additional tasks with extra up to 12 days LOE (tentatively, 6 LOE per 1 request/community).

Qualifications and Experience of Consultant

The Consultant would have the following qualifications:

  • Successful practical experience working with or providing advisory legal and/or asset management services to local self-governance bodies of consolidated communities in Ukraine;
  • Very good knowledge of national legislation and legal practices in consolidated communities in Ukraine in regards of use/control of municipally-owned property and cooperation with local NGOs and cooperatives;
  • Effective presentation and public speaking skills;
  • Ability to conduct legislative analysis;
  • Experience in mentoring, consultation and facilitation of meetings.

Coordination and Reporting

Technical Representative for all technical direction, monitoring, reporting and acceptance of the services provided by the Consultant will be DOBRE Local Economic Development Specialist and/or DOBRE Local Economic Development Officer. Each activity stated in the contract should be planned in advance and previously approved.

Application Process

Submissions must be prepared in Ukrainian and delivered electronically to the following address: [email protected], indicating “COMMUNITY ASSET MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT” in the subject line by 9:00 Kyiv time February 22, 2022.

Application package must include: 

  • A summary (max. 2 pages) of the applicant’s expertise and experience, highlighting those aspects that are particularly relevant to the present assignment;
  • Applicant’s CV/Resume (3 pages maximum);
  • Proposed daily consultancy fee rate (in US Dollars). Contractor Employee Biographical Data Sheet shall be sent to DOBRE upon separate request.
  • Examples of previously produced reports and publications.

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