Команда консультантів/ок із розробки рекомендацій щодо забезпечення охорони здоров’я та безпеки діяльності місцевих гуманітарних організацій в Україні


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Команда консультантів/ок із розробки рекомендацій щодо забезпечення охорони здоров’я та безпеки діяльності місцевих гуманітарних організацій в Україні

Terms of Reference

Consultancy team for the elaboration of a “Duty of Care” package for local humanitarian responders in Ukraine


The international humanitarian community in Ukraine as well as regional and local authorities rely heavily on humanitarian volunteer organizations, local NGOs and CSOs to provide life-saving assistance. Deconfliction measures in frontline regions are practically not in place, and there is little political will for this to change. In this highly unsafe and volatile context, only a few international humanitarian actors are able and willing to reach the most vulnerable population residing in frontline areas, because of the immense security and safety risks to personnel. The bulk of humanitarian activities are implemented by local responders, including especially in hard-to-reach areas along frontline and border regions.

Whereas challenges on localization and fair partnerships are common in all humanitarian contexts, the peculiarities of the security conditions in Ukraine as well as the abundance of formal and informal volunteer groups pose additional challenges.  While the responsibility of the safety of humanitarian workers lies with the conflict parties and the international community, this responsibility is often neglected. To that end, INGOs, UN Agencies and donors must do their utmost to reduce risks and increase safety, security and mental wellbeing of local partners through fair partnership and joint-risk sharing approaches – to set a response-wide acceptable Duty of Care minimal-standard.


Switzerland, the Humanitarian NGO Platform in Ukraine and the Alliance of Ukrainian Civil Society Organizations are commissioning an external consultancy in order to better understand and propose a minimum “Duty of Care package” which local organizations would be entitled to and that donors and international organizations would accept in their costing. The definition and extent of this minimum “Duty of Care package” should be assessed and negotiated with the humanitarian community in Ukraine (UN, INGOs/NNGOs, donors, local respondents and volunteers).

The review should also consider various other “Duty of Care initiatives”, such as PPE-lending, first-aid/safety & security trainings, access to PSS services, and the above-mentioned volunteer insurance policy. Findings will not only inform the humanitarian community processes and lessons’ learnt in Ukraine, but will also be used to advocate for opportunities to expand Duty of Care principles and practices to other humanitarian contexts. 


  1. To review current Duty of Care standards and initiatives in Ukraine, highlighting good practices, needs and gaps;
  2. To assess and recommend a feasible, response-wide minimal Duty of Care umbrella package for local humanitarian responders, and ways to mainstream the model across the response.
  3. To increase understanding, including on Duty of Care definition / terminology, among different humanitarian stakeholders around common-grounds minimum standards and recommended practices of Duty of Care, through discussions and negotiation;
  4. To increase Duty of Care and joint risk-sharing accountability, practices and commitments to ultimately increase safety, security and mental wellbeing of local responders;
  5. To provide recommendations to showcase the Ukraine Duty of Care model and its potential duplication in other humanitarian contexts.


This review will be based on a desk review, key informant interviews (KIIs), and focus group discussions (FGDs) with key-partners, NGOs, UN agencies, local responders and volunteers, donors, hromada level authorities, and thematic experts. Other surveys may be used to complement discussions and data collection. The consultancy team is expected to conduct the interviews in person in Kyiv and in eastern/southern oblasts and to present the results and findings at a Humanitarian Country Team meeting, a Humanitarian Donors meeting and a Civil-society led event.


The review should be presented in following parts:

  • A report of max 10 pages, including: (i) Executive summary with key findings, conclusions and recommendations; (ii) Methodology; (iii) Findings, including successes, gaps, and linkages;
  • A minimum “Duty of Care Package” concept, with possible voluntary additional measures and principles of fair partnership;
  • A 2-pager for external dissemination with key figures about the Duty of Care package;
  • A PPT presentation / slides providing a summary of main findings to be used during presentations.

Time frame

Up to forty working days, with results delivered by the 30th of August 2024.


  1. Ideally a team of 2-3 experts comprising Ukrainian and international members, both with several years of experience in the area of humanitarian affairs in various contexts, preferably including Eastern Europe/Ukraine;
  2. Solid experience in conducting review assessments, monitoring and evaluation missions;
  3. Knowledge of the Ukrainian humanitarian context (including humanitarian actors and architectures, Government structure, Ukrainian civil society, etc.);
  4. Experience in working with international projects, organizations, and/or local governments;
  5. Understanding and competence in risk-management and risk-sharing, protection mainstreaming and/or duty of care, safeguarding principles is an asset;
  6. Ability to work independently and in a collaborative manner within a multicultural team;
  7. Fluency in English and Ukrainian languages.

Application & documents to be submitted

Interested candidates should send their applications as per following instructions:

  • Technical proposal (max. 3 pages, no predefined format), including the following parts:
    • Understanding of the mandate, context and challenges;
    • Proposed methodology for the implementation of the task;
    • Process description and estimated timeframe for the assessment.
  • Curriculum Vitae of the consultancy team, clearly stating previous relevant experiences;
  • Financial proposal including all costs related to the mission (travel, per diem, insurance, etc.).

Selection criteria

  • Quality of the technical proposal (weight: 40%);
  • Experience of the national consultant (weight: 30%);
  • Costs according to the financial proposal (weight: 30%).

Shortlisted candidates may be interviewed before the final selection.

The proposals should be submitted by 12 June 2024 to email: [email protected].

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