Керівник команди (ANP)

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Керівник команди (ANP)

EDGE was requested to optimize the process of preparation, monitoring and evaluation of the Annual National Programmes under the auspices of NATO-Ukraine Commission (hereinafter ANPs), which involve multiple Ukrainian ministries and governmental agencies. The goal is to ensure that ANPs are prepared in line with the Results-Based Management (RBM) principles. It is envisaged that the optimized ANP process will be supported by an IT-tool that will be developed for this purpose.

Team Lead will lead the team of 6 consultants to review the existing ANP planning, monitoring and evaluation practices in ministries/agencies involved in ANP preparation, provide recommendations on aligning these processes with the RBM methodology and implement those recommendation.

Terms of Reference: team-lead-anp-tor.pdf

Closing date for applications: September 28, 2018

Please, send your applications to: [email protected]

Останні публікації цього розділу:

ПРООН в Україні шукає Programme Associate (Business Development and Innovations Unit)

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