Кар’єра в МОМ: Emergency and Stabilization_Consultant


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Кар’єра в МОМ: Emergency and Stabilization_Consultant


Title of Position:


Organizational Unit:

Type of Appointment:

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International Transitional Justice and Reconciliation Consultant


Consultancy Contract

Kyiv, Ukraine

  1. Nature of the consultancy: The consultant will deliver advisory services on and help develop a transitional justice and reconciliation strategy for IOM’s Emergency & Stabilization unit [Category B Consultancy]
  1. IOM Department to which the Consultant is contributing: Emergency & Stabilization Unit
  1. The Category B Consultant will be hired to build the capacities of the unit to identify, develop, and initiate a concrete strategy for transitional justice and reconciliation programming in Ukraine.

The consultancy deliverables and tasks will be distributed through 5 main activities, including, but not limited to:

  1. Stakeholder analysis:

It is expected that the consultant takes stock of the current efforts of the Ukrainian government and relevant stakeholders to implement transitional justice and reconciliation mechanisms. Based on a preliminary mapping done by IOM Ukraine, the consultant will analyze the current initiatives, the existing stakeholders, the approved and pending regulations, and other relevant aspects related to transitional justice including reparations, and reconciliation. In order to obtain additional information on the process of transitional justice in Ukraine, the consultant will also conduct, as necessary, consultations with relevant stakeholders. As a result, the consultant is expected to draft a two-page report assessing the current efforts by relevant government and non-government stakeholders in the field of transitional justice, as well as the related gaps and potential programming opportunities. This analysis should include, but not be limited to, land and property rights compensation and survivor-centered redress mechanisms for survivors of conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV).

  1. Capacity building:

To increase the capacity of IOM staff to identify, understand, and implement transitional justice and reconciliation programming, it is expected that the consultant conducts two series of 2 workshops (4 workshops in total) aimed at training specific personnel who will be involved in transitional justice programming. The consultant will conduct the first series of workshops offline, for Kyiv-based participants, and the second series of workshops online, for other IOM staff as required. As such, the consultant should develop and pre-approve with IOM the training content of the following workshops, which will be identical for on/offline participants:

1) one full-day workshop on transitional justice, reconciliation, and reparations. This workshop should cover but not be limited to, the basic concepts and good practices of transitional justice implementation by governments at central and local levels from other countries’ contexts; and

2) one full-day workshop on housing, land, and property rights, CRSV reparations, and best practices in other countries.

Lastly, the consultant should prepare and conduct pre- and post-assessments of the trainings and perform such other duties as may be assigned.

  1. Strategizing:

Since the transitional justice process has already been started in Ukraine, the consultant is expected to understand IOM’s added value as a relatively new stakeholder in this process, and to draft a strategy with concrete action items that will guide IOM’s programming in the field of transitional justice and reconciliation. Furthermore, the consultant is expected to research potential strategic partnerships for IOM and to analyze in which capacity these partnerships can give a competitive advantage to IOM in regards to its strategy on transitional justice. Lastly, the consultant is expected to indicate how the Unit could leverage the resources from its current projects to initiate the transitional justice and reconciliation strategy. The strategy should include, but not be limited to:

  • a roadmap showing the Unit’s plan to initiate TJ programming in Ukraine,
  • ideas of potential activities and pilot projects,
  • a clear timeline for developing projects,
  • a description of IOM’s potential added value,
  • ideas for strategic partnerships and their added value, and
  • a two-page document to be sent out to potential donors describing the Unit’s potential transitional justice programming.
  1. Organizing a knowledge exchange event:

Around the world, many countries have initiated successful transitional justice processes. To increase the exchange of good practices between experts in the field of TJ and the IOM Mission in Ukraine, the consultant will be expected to organize an event with the goal of learning from other contexts’ experiences, challenges, and best practices in the field of transitional justice in order to derive IOM’s potential added value to the ongoing developments in this field in Ukraine. As such, the consultant is expected to draft a concept note for the event, develop an agenda, identify and reach out to speakers and experts in the field, coordinate with local stakeholders in Ukraine, brief the speakers as necessary, and other duties as may be assigned.

  1. Presenting the strategy to potential donors:

During the last two weeks of the consultancy, it is expected that the consultant presents the strategy to 5 potential donors with IOM during specific consultations. As part of this activity, the consultant should also identify potential donors to reach out to.

  1. First deliverables – First instalment payment – Deliverable by email by Day 15.
  2. Stakeholder Analysis Report.
  3. Training Content for the Workshop.
  4. Second deliverables – Deliverable by Day 30.
  5. Capacity Building Workshops.
  6. Pre- and Post-Assessments.
  7. Third deliverables – First Draft of the TJ Strategy – Second instalment payment – Deliverable by email by Day 40.
  8. Fourth deliverables – Deliverable by email by Day 50.
  9. Final TJ Strategy Document.
  10. Knowledge Exchange Event Concept Note.
  11. Required Briefings for Speakers.
  12. Knowledge Exchange Event.
  13. Final deliverable – Presentations of the Strategy to Donors – Third and Final instalment payment (no less than 25% of overall contract value) – Deliverable by Day 60.
  1. Performance indicators for the evaluation of results

The consultancy will be evaluated against the following indicators, for which targets will be discussed with IOM:

  • Number of consultations conducted with relevant stakeholders as part of the stock taking exercise,
  • Number of IOM staff trained,
  • Percentage of staff trained that stated an increased capacity to identify and understand transitional justice issues,
  • Percentage of attendants to the knowledge exchange event who reported better understanding of transitional justice issues,
  • Number of donor visits.
  1. Experience and/or skills required


  • High school diploma/certificate or equivalent with at least 15 years of relevant work experience OR
  • Bachelor’s degree with at least 13 years of professional work experience 


  • Proven experience in transitional justice, reparations and reconciliation.
  • Proven experience in designing and conducting trainings and/or workshops.
  • Experience in conducting meetings with high-level stakeholders and donors.
  • Experience in organizing online and offline events for various experts.
  1. Travel required

The consultant is expected to travel to Ukraine for the duration of the consultancy. Field travel to different parts of Ukraine may be required.

How to apply:

Interested candidates are invited to submit their CV (contains names and contact information of three referees) and cover letter to [email protected]

Please, indicate the position you are applying for in the subject line of your message.

Closing date for applications is 01 October 2021, however interested candidates are strongly encouraged to apply sooner.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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