IWPR шукає терміново Social Media Expert, Ukraine


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IWPR шукає терміново Social Media Expert, Ukraine

Since our founding during the Balkans conflict in 1991, IWPR has helped civic activists, human rights defenders, women’s rights advocates, and independent journalists make their voices heard and drive positive change in MENA, Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

We currently work in nearly 30 countries to build local capacities, strengthen civil society and media organizations, and empower civic actors to remove barriers to free expression and to promote citizen engagement and public dialogue. Where hate speech and propaganda proliferate, and journalists and civic activists are under attack, IWPR promotes reliable information and public debate that makes a difference.

Project Introduction and Background

IWPR’s Ukraine Voices project (May – November 2022) supports Ukrainian journalists reporting on the Russian invasion of their country. As part of this, the Justice Report project focuses on the reporting of and the analysis of the judicial processes taking place in Ukraine linked to war crimes.

Domestic prosecutors are investigating thousands of cases, while the International Criminal Court has also deployed investigators, and universal jurisdiction cases are being developed to bring cases abroad.

The scale and complexity of judicial proceedings are creating a particular challenge for media coverage, which will tend to focus on high points – such as the first and the last days of a trial – but neglect the critical procedural aspects or detailed trial content, as well as the legal complexities, resource realities and other challenges in actually establishing justice.

The Ukraine Justice Report will:

  • Inform Ukrainian and international specialists, as well as the media and diplomatic community, about justice processes;
  • Support and develop a network of expert Ukrainian justice reporters;
  • Incubate a long-term information resource and archive on the effort to establish justice for Ukraine. The Ukraine Justice Report is overseen by a dedicated editor based in Ukraine, alongside strong editorial support based in the UK. Content is supported by a team of journalists and Ukrainian university students, and will incorporate Ukrainian media (both Ukrainian and Russian language) as well as critical social media outputs. Content will be produced in Ukrainian and English, with translation, subtitles or overdubs, as necessary.

Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy has been created and is available for reference.

Social Media Support – Scope of Work:

  • Assist with the production of social media related content, including sharing written content, composing threads, producing short videos, and supporting other content as
  • Promote IWPR content on social media channels such as Telegram/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook.
  • Assist with establishing local-focused platforms and ‘pages’, as necessary, for IWPR’s projects and programming in Ukraine.  These include but are not limited to the Ukraine Justice Report.
  • Assist with Ukrainian translation for supplementary content shared on social media channels, for both IWPR and partner organisations.
  • Working collaboratively and in consultation with our Digital Editor, be responsible for the commissioning and editing of dedicated social media features (such as linked to the Justice Report).  This may include short videos, producing infographics, or other content promoting issues around war-related justice processes in Ukraine.
  • Assist the Ukraine Justice Report Editor and local Project Manager to finalise agreements with a network of relevant organisations (including local umbrella groups) to republish and produce Justice Report materials on their social media channels and elsewhere.
  • Translate, review, proofread, and edit subtitles or other captions for Ukrainian multimedia productions.
  • Provide assistance as directed by IWPR’s editorial staff (both HQ and Regional).
  • Participate in project publication meetings.

 Principals only. No calls please. Only those who have been considered for an interview will be contacted. 

IWPR is an equal opportunities employer and positively encourages applications from suitably qualified and eligible candidates regardless of sex, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, religion or belief, marital status, veteran status or pregnancy and maternity. IWPR will never ask for payment for recruitment.

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