Gender Specialist UNV – Гендерний/а Спеціаліст/ка


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Natalia Kozenko

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Gender Specialist UNV – Гендерний/а Спеціаліст/ка

Under the overall supervision of the Energy and Environment Portfolio Team Lead and the direct supervision of the Mine Action & Debris Removal Programme Manager of Emergency EO clearance and debris removal to ensure safe human mobility and access to essential goods and services for humanitarian support, and in close collaboration with UNDP Gender Specialist, the UN Volunteer will undertake the following tasks:

• Improve gender mainstreaming in project activities and project management tools, including gender results tracking and gender analysis of the data collected;

• Ensure that the different needs, constraints, capacities, and priorities of the diverse groups are understood and addressed in all activities and project documentation;

• In collaboration with the UNDP M&E Associate and project M&E Specialist, ensure that all data provide accurate information on implementation activities in the context of gender equality issues;

• Prepare analytical and regular progress reports on gender equality results to donors and to CO management;

• Ensure EO risk training for UNDP demolition and debris contractor(s), implemented by the project, integrates a focus on gender equality in mine action among other topics;

• Accelerate gender parity in teams of demolition and debris removal contractors;

• In collaboration with UNDP Communications Analyst, conduct communications activities to address the impact of EO and war debris on women and men from diverse groups and to challenge gender bias against women obtaining mine action or debris clearance work;

• Utilize consultations with women’s groups and other stakeholders in the community to make recommendations on how to incorporate the best practices into project areas related to gender equality and women’s empowerment;

• Manage the process of collecting and sharing lessons learned to identify areas of strategic priority to guide improvement to attention to gender equality concerns;

• Analyze and research information on donors, preparation of substantive briefs on possible areas of cooperation, identification of opportunities for cost-sharing and joint programming related to the promotion of gender equality;

• Support with preparation of donor proposals and reports to ensure quality compliance with requirements as per established UNDP rules, regulations, strategic plans, etc.;

• Provide any other technical assistance which may be required to project implementation, monitoring and evaluation related to gender equality issues;

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