Форум НДО в Україні шукає експертів з організаційної спроможності

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NGO Forum Ukraine

Форум НДО в Україні шукає експертів з організаційної спроможності

Ukraine NGO Forum is a membership organization that came into existence in the autumn of 2014, as a joint coordination, information sharing, advocacy and capacity building platform that encompass international as well as national NGO’s that currently work with humanitarian assistance or other forms of support to the crisis affected populations. Currently, Ukraine NGO Forum is increasingly focusing also on the development activities.


Position: NGO Capacity Assessment Experts

Based in Kyiv with field trips to Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya and Dnipro

Number of NGO Capacity Assessment Experts to be contracted: 5

Number of days per one NGO: up to 4 days.

Duration: the experts will be required to conduct organizational assessments (OA) of NGOs suggested by NGO Forum, compile OA reports and develop capacity development plans of assessed NGOs within 2.5 months from the signing of contract. Additionally, experts may be asked to provide ongoing mentorship support to pre-identified NGOs until the end of the project.


It is expected that experts will be involved in the process of capacity assessment of 20-30 preselected NGOs located in the following regions: Donetsk (Ukrainian government controlled territories), Luhansk (Ukrainian government controlled territories), Kharkiv, Zaporizhya and Dnipro. The assessment is to take place in the time-frame between June-July, 2017.

The experts will support the NGOs passed OA to develop a capacity development plans that addresses the organizational development priorities identified through the assessment. The experts will then support the NGOs in the process of properly unitizing voucher award for training ad mentorship support.

The experts will work closely with the Capacity-building manager and other relevant Ukraine NGO Forum staff.


  • In consultation with NGO Forum, identify and/or develop, as needed, an empirically valid comprehensive organizational capacity assessment tool that measures both internal and external organizational capacities of the partner NGO based in 5 Eastern regions;
  • Develop and submit to NGO Forum a process map and workflows required to facilitate the organizational assessment (OA);
  • Facilitate the two-days OA in a participatory manner with the partner NGO. The assessment should measure: organizations’ business plan and vision; leadership and governance structure; management and operation functions including HR, finance, procurement/logistics structure; project and program management; M&E. The assessment should also evaluate organization’s capacities to involve constituencies; outreach communication; partnership building and networking.
  • Develop a report detailing findings of the OA, and providing actionable recommendations for the NGOs’ senior management’s. The report should identify key gaps in the partners’ operational structure and programmatic activities and include concrete recommended steps including necessary policies to be put in place;
  • Conduct one-day debrief and planning session with the NGO staff.
  • Work together with the NGO to develop tailored capacity development plan in a participatory manner, based on the findings of the OA and recommendations of the report. The plan should set out roles and responsibilities, necessary resources to execute the plan (Including voucher award) and contain specific milestones and indicators of success.
  • Develop a baseline and monitoring framework for the NGO to measure progress in organization capacity development.
  • Provide ongoing support to ensure continued progress per identified plan.


  • A degree in a field related to international development, management or organizational development;
  • Demonstrated expertise relating to finance, human resources, logistics, management, governance, and strategic development;
  • Experience in setting up internal systems related to the operational capacity of an NGO;  
  • Demonstrated expertise in conducting capacity analysis and assessment of NGOs;
  • Significant experience with NGO capacity building;
  • Excellent facilitation and analytical skills;
  • Fluency in written and spoken Ukrainian/Russian and English;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to communicate with a diverse range of stakeholders;
  • Dedicated to accountability, transparency and efficiency of non-governmental institutions.


Interested candidates should submit their CV and cover letter.

Applications should be sent before May 29  to: [email protected].

The position must be clearly indicated on the application. Only candidates who meet the selection criteria will be contacted.

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