Фонд “Євразія” шукає Керівника/ Керівницю напрямку “Відновлення”


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Eurasia Foundation

Фонд “Євразія” шукає Керівника/ Керівницю напрямку “Відновлення”


Program: Digital Transformation Activity 

Position: Reconstruction Lead 

Reports to: Deputy Chief of Party for eGovernance 

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine 

Job Type: Full-time 


Eurasia Foundation (EF) is a US-based non-profit, nonpartisan organization committed to helping citizens in countries in transition realize their full potential and transform their societies. EF supports governments and citizens to enhance responsive, accountable, and transparent governance, and helps citizens build a stronger, more resilient civil society.  

EF is leading implementation of the Digital Transformation Activity (DTA), an innovative eGovernance program that aims to bolster Ukraine’s digital transformation to promote the nation’s economic revitalization, transparency in reconstruction, and democratic governance during the ongoing conflict and beyond. DTA is co-funded by USAID and UK Dev. 

 EF is recruiting for a Reconstruction Lead.  

The Reconstruction Lead is a key leadership position tasked with strengthening digital systems to improve the management and transparency of Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction. This position is pivotal in advancing the country’s reconstruction efforts through the strategic use of digital platforms such as Digital Restoration Ecosystem for Accountable Management (DREMA), the Diia-based e-Recovery and others. The Lead is responsible for overseeing the development and enhancement of these platforms, facilitating real-time tracking of reconstruction projects, and fostering efficient project delivery from design to planning to execution. The Lead is expected to support the creation and expansion of digital systems such as the national information system of losses and eConstruction, which are integral to documenting and managing the impacts of the military aggression against Ukraine and infrastructure rebuilding. The Reconstruction Lead will also play a key role in driving the adoption and training of government officials and stakeholders in use of these digital platforms, contributing to their sustainability and effectiveness of reconstruction efforts.  


  • Lead a team and provide technical leadership for the DTA Reconstruction component, including managing external consultants. 
  • Liaise with Reconstruction component implementing partners and recipients, such as the Ministry of Community and Territory Development (MCTID), Ministry of Justice (MoJ), and other central government agencies, to ensure smooth and productive cooperation. Conduct regular partner meetings.  
  • Oversee the enhancement and strategic development of digital recovery and reconstruction management platforms such as the Diia-based e-Recovery and DREAM. 
  • Ensure real-time tracking and management of recovery and reconstruction projects, enhancing transparency and accountability in the use of resources.  
  • Advocate for the effective use of digital platforms in reconstruction efforts and engage with stakeholders to ensure alignment of objectives and maximization of impact. 
  • Oversee the expansion of digital systems and services for recording damage and providing compensation, ensuring comprehensive coverage of affected individuals and entities. 
  • Lead the development and enhancement of digital systems such as the national information system of losses and eConstruction that are critical for documenting the impacts of military aggression against Ukraine and managing infrastructure rebuilding. 
  • Coordinate and conduct training programs for government officials and stakeholders on the use and benefits of digital recovery and reconstruction management platforms. 
  • Provide guidance on digital strategy and policy related to reconstruction and recovery, ensuring alignment with national and international standards. 
  • Liaise with the Reconstruction component implementing partners and recipients to ensure smooth and productive cooperation. Conduct regular partner meetings. 
  • Track program activities and inform management timely of delays or emerging risks, if any. 
  • Present and promote Reconstruction component activities at the regional, national, and international level.  
  • Contribute to annual work plans and program monitoring, evaluation, and reporting; ensure that timely and accurate program information is provided upon donor request. 
  • Contribute to the development of the annual budget for the component and monitor its execution.  
  • Monitor progress toward component outcomes and assist with data quality control.  


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, public policy, or a related field; an advanced degree or certifications in these areas preferred. 
  • At least five years of experience in strategic planning and managing large-scale digital projects, especially those related to reconstruction or infrastructure development. 
  • Strong background in digital technologies and transformation, with a particular focus on the development and implementation of digital platforms and services. 
  • Understanding of best practices in digital governance and anti-corruption.    
  • Familiarity with the operating environment and main stakeholders in Ukraine regarding anti-corruption and digital governance efforts.   
  • Strong familiarity with geographical information system (GIS) and construction management software; knowledge of the Digital Twins concept and Building Information Modeling (BIM) will be a strong asset.  
  • Excellent communication skills for engaging with a range of stakeholders, including government officials, international partners, and local communities. 
  • Ability to analyze complex situations, identify and solve problems effectively, especially in the context of digital system implementation and infrastructure management. 
  • Familiarity with open data principles and practices, and a commitment to transparency and accountability in public projects. 
  • Flexibility and innovation in addressing economic challenges, particularly in dynamic and potentially unstable environments. 
  • Fluency in Ukrainian and English required.   

   To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to the job posting at  Eurasia Foundation recrutiment platform https://www.eurasia.org/careers/9200639695704_1/ . Application deadline: March 15, 2024

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