DAI Global, LLC шукає Social Media and Public Outreach Specialist


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Viktoriia Opryshko

DAI Global, LLC шукає Social Media and Public Outreach Specialist

About DAI

DAI is a global development company with corporate offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, EU, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Palestine and project operations worldwide. We tackle fundamental social and economic development problems caused by inefficient markets, ineffective governance, and instability. DAI works at the forefront of global development. Transforming ideas into action—action into impact. We are committed to shaping a more livable world. DAI and its employees are committed to confronting racism and holding ourselves accountable for positive change within the company and in the communities, cultures, and countries in which we live and work. DAI is committed to attracting and retaining the best employees from all races and backgrounds in our continued effort to become a better development partner. DAI upholds the highest ethical standards. We are committed to the prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment as well as other ethical breaches. All of our positions are therefore subject to stringent vetting and reference checks.

DAI is seeking qualified candidates for the Kyiv-based full-time position of Social Media and Public Outreach Specialist to join USAID Governance and Local Accountability (HOVERLA) Activity’s team. Interested candidates should submit their application through the following portal:


Applications will be accepted until September 08, 2022. Due to a high volume of applications received, we are unable to contact each applicant individually regarding the status of their application. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted in response to this job advertisement.

Project Background

DAI Global is implementing the USAID-funded Governance and Local Accountability (HOVERLA) Activity, based in Kyiv, Ukraine. This project is designed to support Ukraine’s advance to self-reliant local governance including legislative reforms, participatory strategic planning methodologies, service improvement, local economic development, civil society engagement, and capacity building of sub-national government entities. The Activity has three objectives:

  • Objective 1: Ukraine’s system of local self-governance is increasingly institutionalized and effective
  • Objective 2: More self-reliant subnational governance
  • Objective 3: Citizens play an increasingly influential role in local governance processes

Position Overview

The Social Media and Public Outreach Specialist highlights HOVERLA’s activities of all components and sectors in social media and newsletters, works with local partners and key stakeholders, including local communities, government agencies, businesses, and mass media. This position requires an excellent command of the latest techniques and trends in social media channel management, strong creative and language skills, an ability to engage both internal and external stakeholders, and an ability to work with a diverse set of colleagues. The Social Media and Public Outreach Specialist assists the communication efforts in social media to better present the Activity’s efforts, impacts and success stories.


Website and Social Media Activities:

  • Provide editorial planning and content management of HOVERLA’s Facebook page
  • Write, edit, and proofread print and online products, including decentralization.gov.ua website, announcements, press releases, success stories, reports, newsletters, articles, presentations, infographics, etc.
  • Prepare and develop mainstream and social media content to support and enhance HOVERLA’s interventions.
  • Be an ambassador of HOVERLA in social media spaces, engaging in dialogues and answering questions (or routing questions to other staff) where appropriate.
  • Develop visual content (illustrations for posts, creating infographics, etc.)
  • Monitor, post to, and analyze social media channels to build a community of followers and enhance interaction.
  • Develop and distribute HOVERLA’s newsletter.
  • Produce and manage HOVERLA’s photo and content databases
  • Support decentralization reform communication, public events, and citizen engagement
  • Support project activities that may include work with bloggers: support and enhance blogs across various stakeholder/partners, curating content and providing regular feedback and assist in coaching bloggers, liaising with stakeholders, grantees, and partners.
  • Assist technical staff and stakeholders, partners, and grantees to implement blogging, social media, multimedia, and other innovative media/PR tools within HOVERLA’s partner communication strategies.
  • Assist in data-driven approaches to content creation and curation, including marketing activities, drawing on metrics internally and externally to help inform editorial choices and improve activities across all project platforms and sites.
  • Integrate the use of social media and other audience engagement tools as part of the HOVERLA communication strategy and advise or lead other in their use to ensure maximum effectiveness of this communications tool.
  • Track key performance indicators and review site and social media metrics reports; share results and recommendations with HOVERLA management, staff and USAID.

Communication Outreach Activities:

  • Assist in developing communications plans and activities for a variety of stakeholder groups, create messaging and materials for community action, and assist in implementing local governance communications strategies.
  • Assist objective leads and regional managers in developing public outreach activities for project counterparts.
  • Assist in developing innovative communications products to actively engage HOVERLA stakeholders across Ukraine, including institutional and private sector partners.
  • Assist in liaising with relevant stakeholders, including institutional and private sector partners, to increase visibility and maximize coordination.
  • Provide guidance on external communications, public relations and media relations strategies, and communications best practices for stakeholders and grantees.
  • Participate in trainings for journalists, local business, representatives of municipalities, promote social networks for business purposes or promotion of a certain topic/product.
  • Foster ongoing positive cooperation with the stakeholders and HOVERLA staff.

Events Support:

  • Assist in the organization, coordination, and development of HOVERLA events and support Objective leads in event organization and outreach, ensuring their appropriate branding and visibility. 
  • Expected to be proactive and offer innovative ideas for HOVERLA events and partner events in the regions to ensure their outreach.
  • Manage communications support of the event planning following DAI logistics, finance, and procurement processes. 
  • Coordinate closely with external contracted consultants and firms on event management (branding, visibility, outreach issues). 
  • Assist with field visit to Grants activities sights in the assigned regions. Ensure their media coverage.

Communication (in coordination with the communication team):

  • Ensure that the correct USAID HOVERLA branding and marking are utilized during the performance of the technical tasks.
  • Contribute to the preparation of weekly, quarterly, and annual reports.
  • Prepare reports on HOVERLA’s activities in social networks (on monthly basis or upon request): coverage and engagement statistics.
  • Contribute to ad hoc reporting.
  • Assist in Crafting/Implementing sound messages and prepare all the necessary. communication materials, speeches, talking points, to be used during high-profile awareness raising events at the local, governmental and national level and demonstrate the role that HOVERLA at large and within local communities can play.
  • Other tasks as assigned by Sr. Strategic Communications Manager, COP or DCOP.


  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism, PR, languages, communications or in a related field; a master’s degree is an asset.
  • At least 3 years of professional experience in communications, social media, media relations, event management. 
  • Experience in communications in the reform sphere in Ukraine is beneficial.
  • Experience with communications for USAID or other international donor-funded programs is a bonus.
  • Experience in working with grantees is a bonus.
  • Proficiency with MS Office (Word and PowerPoint); graphic arts and/or desktop publishing software is a plus.
  • Native Ukrainian and excellent command of English; solid skills in writing and editing English and Ukrainian content for various channels.
  • Knowledge of the Ukrainian government’s decentralization reform agenda and developments is a plus.

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