Реєстрація на тренінг з теми peacebuilding в Греції


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Реєстрація на тренінг з теми peacebuilding в Греції

NGO «Non-formal education for youth» шукає 2 учасників(ць) на тренінг з теми peacebuilding в Греції !


Коли: 17.07.22 – 29.07.22

Де: Stratoni, Chalkidiki, Greece

Країни-учаниці: Greece, Spain, Romania, Ukraine,Georgia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Turkey, The Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, Lithuania,Cyprus


Breaking stereotypes and combating all forms of discrimination will lead to understanding and cultivate a climate for the smooth integration of refugees and immigrants who have experienced conflict and non-peace situations, while providing tools for a peaceful and mutually beneficial conflict resolution emerging.

The project divided into 3 phases:

1.”Reconciliation with yourself – Peace making with yourself”

2.”Peace with your social surrounding – stereotype degradation”

3.”Make peace with the world – spreading peace and solidarity across borders”.

 Для кого:

This training project will bring 24 participants (between 18 to 30) who are youth workers, youth leaders, mediators, etc. and come from partner organizations. Participants should have some relevant experience through other projects with related themes and in particular the motivation for mobilization and activation on the themes of this project. It’s also desirable to have equal number of gender. They will be prioritized people with fewer opportunities, such as people living in remote areas, people belonging to vulnerable social groups (Roma, LGBT, immigrants, etc.)

All participants are going to receive the Youthpass Certificate after the implementation of the project.

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