Конкурс з проведення медіа кампанії для Нової Української Школи


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Конкурс з проведення медіа кампанії для Нової Української Школи
  1. Background

Learning Together is a four-year collaborative project that started between Ukraine and Finland in summer of 2018. The work is currently scheduled to last until July 2022. The Project is implemented by FCG International.

The project focuses on supporting the New Ukrainian School (NUS) reform, especially in the primary education, and is designed around three main clusters and cross-cutting elements. These clusters are (1) teacher preparation, (2) education promotion, and (3) education environment.

Learning together is now seeking to contract a qualified and experienced media company or other suitable organization to undertake a task to the design and implementation of a mass media campaign called Value of Education. The purpose of this Terms of Reference (TOR) is to call for competitive proposals for this task. This assignment focuses on education promotion.


  1. Objective


The results of the international study on the quality of education PISA were published almost a year ago. Those show that Ukrainian students are significantly behind the average indicators in OECD countries: by 23 points in reading, 39 in mathematics and 22 in science.  In Ukraine more than 26 % of the between school variation was explained by social, cultural and economic background of schools and students whereas, e.g., in Finland the corresponding percentage was about 7 %. This means that all the students do not have equal opportunities in learning.


A follow up study of PISA (OECD 2010, Pathways to Success: ISBN 978-92-64-07749-2)explained how knowledge and skills at age 15 shape future lives of students.


The planned “Value of Education“ campaign is planned to follow the same theme and to promote the appreciation of education among the general public, parents and students. It should highlight the importance of education overall and the NUS reform especially.  The campaign should point out that the knowledge, skills and competences generated in NUS are those that are important for future citizens and connected to real life and employers’ needs in the 21st century. Academics and HR professionals of different fields will be used e.g. to explain what kind of expertise they are looking for. Young professionals are welcomed to raise the similar issues from their own perspective.



The campaign Value of Education is planned to run for two years from 2021 to 2022 with an estimated budget of 90,000€.


The objective of the Service Provider is to design and implement a mass media campaign to strengthen target groups’ esteem in the value of education in general and NUS especially.


The campaign is a part of the Communication Strategy of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (https://mon.gov.ua/storage/app/media/media/MOES%20Com%20strategy%202019-2022.pdf).


  1. Scope of Work

The Service Provider will be contracted to:


3.1. Design and implement a communication program for “Value of Education” including the following formats:

  • A media campaign “Value of Education” in partnership with national mass-media channels (TV, radio, press, social media)
  • Public discussions with heterogenic presentation of experts and stakeholder (PISA expert, MOES-representative, HE presentation, business, students from various levels, Recruitment companies, IT companies, members of different minorities and vulnerable groups.
  • Messages from young University and VET students and freshly employed young people about the knowledge and competences produced by educational institutes.

The campaign should start in January 2020 and last for 2 years.

The supervision of the campaign will be carried out by the staff of the Project Learning Together and MOES.

Targeted groups: general public, but especially parents and students, higher education institutes, working places, members of different minorities and vulnerable groups. 

Involvement: The Service provider will involve the targeted groups into campaign.

3.2. Conceptualize, layout, format, and design all promotional materials and activities of the campaign. This may involve campaigns using appropriate media such as print and posters, advertisements in newspapers, radio, TV, web campaigns, social media, knowledge management activities such as workshops and seminars, and billboards. In campaigns, the visual identity of the Project Learning Together, the NUS reform, and MOES will be used. 

3.3. Collaborate with the project’s communication experts and MOES press service in production of press releases, blogs, brochures, and organize press briefings, and media visits resulting in different media articles.

3.4. Cooperate with other possible actors such as various NGOs, Think tanks, companies, brands, businesses, HE institutions, media professionals, and key opinion leaders and donors.

3.5. Document and report about activities highlighting progress, achievements and impacts of the campaign. Daily media monitoring and monthly analysis and reporting.


  1. Expected Deliverables


The Service Provider will submit the following deliverables:


4.1. Present ideas and communications plan for the mass media campaign: the Key Messages of the campaign and explain how the delivery of those can be measured by the KPI’s.

4.2. Design creative concept and layouts of related materials

4.3.  HRBA and inclusion of the vulnerable groups should be covered in the TOR.

4.4. Draw up an Inception Report outlining the activities to be undertaken, including an implementation plan with exact timelines

4.5. Implement campaign

4.6. Write monthly Progress Reports describing accomplishments of each sub-campaign. 

4.7. Submit a Final Report which shows the methodology used, activities undertaken, successes, challenges, results (planned and unplanned), lessons learned, and future recommendations.


  1. Budget

The maximum Grand Total Budget for the assignment is 90,000 €. The budget, details of the assignment, terms and conditions will be specified in the contract between the FCG International Ltd (Contractor) and the Service Provider. Payment milestones will be based on the acceptance of the key deliverables by the Project Management Team.


  1. Submission requirements


The Proposal must include the following:

6.1 A Technical Proposal not exceeding 10 pages in length including the intended approach and the planned activities in the management of the undertaking, including an operational work plan with timelines.


6.2 Breakdown of costs

The budget breakdown must include two separate sections: “Fees of experts” and “Other Costs”. The fees shall be defined on rates based on working days or working months. Other Costs must be broken down to correspond the Technical Proposal and Work Plan. The Budget Breakdown must be in Euros.


6.3 The Curriculum Vitae of the consultant and each member of the team (if a team approach is used).


6.4. Official documents proving the status of the organization and the document proving the financial capacity (annual turnover and profit/loss) of the organization.

Copies of registration documents (including a copy of the certificates of state registration of legal entities which the Participant plans to apply for the provision of services, a copy of the tax certificate; an Extract from the Statute indicating the activities).

Other relevant supporting material may be attached as an annex. 


The Proposal must be in English.


  1. Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on Quality (90% weight) and Price (10% weight).


The quality of the proposal will be evaluated based on the following:


  • Previous experience on similar assignments, at least one implemented nationwide communication campaign, preferably in the education sector
  • Proven knowledge of the education sector or related field


The key qualifications of the Service Provider’s team:

  • A master’s degree in the field of public relations, journalism, marketing or alike
  • A minimum of five years of professional experience in media campaigns, development communications, public relations, journalism, marketing or in another related field
  • Experience of working with Ukrainian governmental organizations (in providing the social oriented campaigns)
  • Availability to established relationships with potential partners from the Ukrainian business community
  • Capability and proven experience in developing and executing mass media campaigns, and designing messages in various formats (press releases, websites, success stories, blog entries, tweets, TV, radio etc.) targeting a variety of audiences
  • Ability and proven experience in taking initiative and working effectively under pressure
  • Familiarity with branding compliance
  • Excellent written, oral and interpersonal skills; excellent communication skills in Ukrainian and English
  • Familiarity with the New Ukrainian School reform will be an asset.


Technical Proposal:

  • The relevance of the approach and implementation methodology
  • the expected impact of the proposed methodology


An interview, where the best candidates  will be invited, consists of 30 minutes presentation and 15 minutes for Q&A.




  1. Deadline for Proposals

The timeline of the tender is as follows:

  1. In case the tenderers want to have further clarification on the competition, written questions must be sent via email ([email protected]) by 14 December 2020.
  2. All tenderers will be provided with answers to all clarification requests by 21 December 2020.
  3. The final application must be submitted by 28 December 2020 via email to [email protected]


Please note that all written communication must be in English. Further instructions for the tender are given only from the email mentioned above. Advice obtained from other sources may be disregarded in the tender evaluation.   

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