Конкурс на створення автоматизованої системи оцінки вартості майна для ФДМУ


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Конкурс на створення автоматизованої системи оцінки вартості майна для ФДМУ

To All Prospective Offerors:

International Development Group Advisory Services, LLC (International Development Group LLC or IDG), is soliciting proposals from qualified organizations interested in providing a software solution to the State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPFU) to evaluate property automatically based on the property data input by the user. IDG is a U.S. consulting firm located in the Washington D.C. area, and is the implementer of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth (EDGE). As part of the Ukraine State Owned Enterprise Reform Rapid Response Activity (SOERR) under the EDGE Project, IDG has been contracted by USAID to procure this automated valuation model (AVM) software solution for the SPFU.

This procurement will require a formal technical and cost proposal submission as outlined by the Request for Proposals (RFP) . This procurement will be conducted as a full and open competition process under which any type of organization in Ukraine is eligible to compete.

Important Dates:

Questions and Clarifications: Questions should be submitted in writing no later than 5:00 PM EST on July 8, 2020 RFP

Closing Date: 

Proposals must be submitted no later than 5:00 PM EST on July 27, 2020.

These submissions must be made by email only to [email protected] 

Questions should be submitted in writing by the deadline.Questions will not be accepted by phone. IDG will send written responses by email to all questions and comments received (without identifying the source of inquiry) to all Bidders. Should IDG deem it necessary to amend the RFP as a result of a clarification, it will do so. At any time before the submission of Proposals, IDG may amend the RFP by issuing an addendum that will be shared by standard electronic means. All Bidders should check the IDG website periodically for any amendments. Issuance of this solicitation and the submission of a proposal do not constitute a commitment on the part of IDG to make an award; neither does it constitute an obligation for any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a proposal. Thank you for your interest in working with IDG, the SPFU, and USAID.


IDG Procurement Team


RFP – SPFU AVM Software Solution -Amendment #1

RFP – SPFU AVM Software Solution -Amendment #2

SPFU AVM Software Development – Response to Questions

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