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Населений пункт: Київ

Адреса: Бориса Гмирі 1/2, оф.149


E-Mail: [email protected]


Керівник організації, посада: Паригін Сергій Олександрович, Голова Правління

Місія організації

The Law of Peace is a registered Peace and Humanitarian charitable based Non-Governmental Organization on a national level service in Ukraine. It is an independent, not-for-profit, association without any religious or political affiliation. The Law Of Peace works hard on the problems of Human and Human Society that fall at the junction of three Ps, Peace, Progress and Prosperity that may but not only and limited to intolerance, terrorism, corruption, insecurity, injustice, discrimination, conflicts, crimes, wars, hypocrisy and violations and solves the problems through possible and effective ways and let the Human and Human Society to have the taste of three Ts, To be Peace full, To be Progressive and To be Prosperous.

Social mission is an assistance in financial, legal, organizational aids for civilians and their families who are war and violent conflict victims.

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