Technical Officer (Noncommunicable Diseases Health Service Delivery) до ВООЗ


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Technical Officer (Noncommunicable Diseases Health Service Delivery) до ВООЗ


The purpose of this position is to support technical and coordination support to the prevention and control of noncommunicablediseases in Ukraine, with a particular emphasis on individual services across the continuum of care (clinical prevention, earlydetection/screening, treatment of acute and chronic conditions, palliative care) for the four major NCD conditions (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases and cancer). Specific areas of responsibility include the implementation of the WHO Signature Initiative, HEARTS Technical Package, global initiatives on childhood cancer, and the implementation of therelevant WHO best buys and recommended interventions for NCD prevention and control.

Activities & Coordination:

  • Support the Ministry of Health (MOH), Public Health Center, National Health service of Ukraine and other national partnersin developing, implementing and evaluating national strategies and policies in NCD/NCC prevention and control at nationaland subnational levels;
  • Support the MOH in updating and adapting relevant guidelines, materials and tools;
    Support MOH and other public agencies in performing training needs assessments and organizing and implementingtraining activities;
  • Coordinate together with MOH counterparts joint actions such as working groups, roundtables, meetings to facilitateNCD/NCC programme implementation at national and subnational levels
    Document experience for later review;
  • Facilitate smooth information flow of BCA activities between MOH and other involved institutions through sharing of reports,meetings, etc.;
  • Prepare the missions for WHO staff and external consultants addressing NCD/NCC programme areas and monitor andfollow up their recommendations;
  • Undertake jointly with MOH counterparts regular monitoring of the implementation of BCA;
  • Prepare regular reports and updates to WHO CO and EURO;
  • Facilitate partner and stakeholder coordination in the area of NCD/NCC prevention and control;
  • Explore opportunities for fundraising for the area of NCD/NCCs.;
  • Provide support to cross-divisional and intercountry activities as requested.
  • Provide assistance in other areas of the work of Country Office and SNI as needed.



Essential: University degree in medicine, public health or related area.
Desirable: Master’s degree in any of the above areas or postgraduate training in a relevant NCD specialty such as cardiology,endocrinology, oncology and/or family medicine or similar.


Essential: At least two years of professional experience within the area of NCD/NCCs including experience working with NCDsclinical specialties (such as cardiology, endocrinology, oncology and/or family medicine) and/or programmes.
Desirable: Relevant experience in public health. Relevant experience with(in) WHO,UN agency or international organization.


Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the prevention and control of NCDs/NCCs in Ukraine. Demonstrated knowledge of thenational health system. Excellent computerskills, including a standard package of office applications. Emotional intelligence: Abilityto identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as helping others to do the same.

WHO Competencies

Respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences
Producing results
Building and promoting partnerships across the organization and beyond

Use of Language Skills

Essential: Expert knowledge of English. Expert knowledge of Ukrainian.
Desirable: Expert knowledge of Russian.


Remuneration comprises an annual base salary starting at USD 38,776 (subject to mandatory deductions for pension contributionsand health insurance, as applicable) and 30 days of annual leave.

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