Менеджер (ка) з питань безпеки, CIVIC Ukraine


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Менеджер (ка) з питань безпеки, CIVIC Ukraine

Center for Civilians in Conflict is an international nonprofit with offices around the world working to improve protection for civilians caught in conflict zones. Our mission is to work with armed actors and civilians in conflict to develop and implement solutions to prevent, mitigate, and respond to civilian harm. We are advocates who believe that no civilian caught in conflict should be ignored, and advisors who provide practical solutions to preventing and responding to civilian harm. Learn more at www.civiliansinconflict.org

Our growing organization is currently accepting applications for the role of Manager, Safety and Security, Ukraine-based. The successful candidate will identify and report incidents and will be responsible for the security and safety of all field office staff.

Manager, Safety and Security (MSS) main aim is to oversee and provide advice/guidance on safety and security risk management through increased capacity, technical support, and advice to the country program on all aspects of staff safety and security and ensure appropriate systems are in place at the country level. The MSS will monitor the country-wide situation, identify inherent threats and minimize risks to the program in consistence with CIVICs Security Policy and Standards.

Job Purpose:              Provide Safety and Security guidance and management.

Location:                    UKRAINE

Travel:                        Up to 60% required (domestic). Might be required to travel overseas to attend trainings/workshops.

Reporting to:             Country Director, Ukraine

Staff Reporting:        N/A 

Key Functions:

Manager, Safety and Security, Ukraine will be responsible for safety and security management as an advisor to country staff, and some logistics-related duties, and will respond to emergency and crises situations where and when needed. S/he will:

Capacity Development and Support.

  • Coordinate and provide training to country staff (Expatriates & Nationals)

Planning and Preparation.

  • Conduct safety and security risk assessments.
  • Act as a liaison with local and regional officials, and other agencies regarding security issues in the planning, coordination, promotion of, and support for existing and future CIVIC projects.

Procedures and Protocols.

  • Design and develop Ukraine SOPs and guidelines.
  • Manage the Ukraine safety and security workplan (informed by Ukraine security risk assessment and CIVIC’s minimum operating safety and security standards)
  • Manage the SATPHONES and other security-related equipment for Ukraine.
  • Manage the Travel Management and Staff Tracking systems for all staff and visitors to Ukraine.
  • Make sure Ukraine personnel adhere to all safety and security protocols prescribed in the CIVIC security management plan
  • Work with HQ security staff to ensure the proper implementation of security policies and procedures.

Crisis Preparedness and Management Response.

  • Maintain current contingency plans for major events and critical incidents.
  • Advise CIVIC Ukraine Team, Ukraine Country Director, and Europe Program Director of events affecting or which could potentially affect staff safety or cause damage/injury to CIVIC staff and assets.  
  • Be prepared to deploy on short notice to support operations in any CIVIC program area or other in-country activities (such as Senior Management Team visits).
  • Coordinate with Country Incident Management Team (IMT) members and advise them of possible actions or options in a time of crisis or emergency.
  • Assist with emergency medical evacuations.
  • Investigate and follow up on security incidents where CIVIC staff or assets are involved.
  • Develop and maintain functional lines and methods of communication for CIVIC staff, both horizontally and vertically, as they perform their tasks in a changing environment

Advise and Report.

  • Provide CIVIC Ukraine Team and Europe Program Director with updated reports on the safety situation in the country office and the steps being taken to address these.  
  • Collect, author, compile and analyze security-related reports, SOP’s and related security information from multiple sources ensuring CIVICs’ security posture is current and relevant to the situation on the ground.
  • Track and report on relevant incidences, near misses, and the geopolitical situation in Ukraine and relevant bordering countries (specifically Belarus and Russia)
  • Briefing CIVIC Ukraine Country Team on safety and security developments within the area of CIVIC’s operations and other areas of interest.
  • Preparing reports (e.g. SITREPs, Travel Advisories) for the Country Office, on a regular and ongoing basis.
  • Providing feedback to Ukraine Country Director and Europe Program Director on progress in respect to safety actions and initiatives.
  • Providing technical advice to Ukraine Country Director and Europe Program Director in respect of staff safety.
  • Conducting regular strategic risk assessments and informing management of emerging trends and threats.

Administration and Support

  • Secure the communication with the staff in the field during travels.
  • Help the team in organizing events and travels.
  • MSS should ensure vehicles and drivers used for CIVIC work meet CIVIC safety requirements. Also, the MSS should ensure that driver(s) meet maintaining and safety requirements of the vehicles within CIVIC standards

Required qualifications include:                                                                                                                


  • Undergraduate degree or equivalent in a related field (such as Security Studies, or International relations).

Work Experience: 

  • 3 to 5 years of field safety experience in hostile environments.
  • Extensive knowledge of local structures, procedures, and correspondence in Ukraine.
  • Previous experience working in NGO for at least 3 to 5 years.
  • Well networked within government, local authorities, and the NGO sector.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the historical and socio-political context of Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Technical skills:


  • Competent and literate in English and Ukrainian (including verbal and written), with a sound knowledge of technical expressions.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong assessment, evaluation, analysis, and strategic planning skills
  • IT literate in GSuite and Microsoft (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).
  • Experience in developing safety-related technical tools guidelines and systems
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the historical and socio-political context of UKRAINE.
  • Demonstrable expertise in Humanitarian risk management.
  • Strong demonstrated negotiation and interpersonal skills in a multi-cultural/ethnic environment.
  • Ability to make a good judgment on staff safety and provide appropriate advice.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage under stressful conditions.
  • Demonstrated supervisory ability, sound judgment, and the ability to work effectively with others at all levels.
  • Strong ability to analyze and understand complex situations and translate these into specific policy advice.


  • Valid Motor vehicle Driver’s license
  • Previous work experience with humanitarian INGO, or UN, or larger security and defense sector in Ukraine.
  • Strong understanding of programming in humanitarian and development projects.
  • Familiar with Track24 and alternate forms of communications equipment (e.g. Satellite and radio).
  • Certificate in Medical Response/First Aid.
  • HEAT Course within last five years.

Deadline for applications:  July 1, 2022

Women are strongly encouraged to apply. Only Ukrainian citizens are eligible to apply.

Resumes are reviewed on a rolling basis so please apply early.

Apply here.

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