Радник з Інформаційно-комунікаційних технологій

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Радник з Інформаційно-комунікаційних технологій

In response to the request of the Government of Ukraine, UNOPS opened an office in Ukraine in 2017, which provides a broad spectrum of services to the Government and the people of Ukraine. Currently, the office is classified as an Operations Centre, with a portfolio of projects exceeding USD 100 million, in the areas of rule of law, environment, energy efficiency, crisis recovery, good governance, human resources management, procurement, and logistics. 

Background Information – Job-specific


The Support for Rule of Law Reforms in Ukraine (hereinafter – PRAVO Police) is a project funded by the European Union that has the overall objective of supporting the strengthening of the policing, prosecution and civilian governance in Ukraine and to align them with the best European and International practices. On matters of substance, the project relies on the EU Advisory Mission (EUAM) to Ukraine.

The PRAVO Police is partnered with the following national agencies: the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the National Police of Ukraine (NPU), the Office of the Prosecutor General (OPG), the State Bureau of Investigations (SBI). Activities include providing technical support tailored to the needs of each individual agency, while some interventions address larger scale and cross-cutting issues, including inter-agency cooperation and data exchange. 

One such activity relates to the development and roll-out of a new integrated Electronic Criminal Case Management System (eCMS) – an electronic system to be used for the storage and exchange of data on criminal offences at the pre-trial investigation stage and, partially, on judicial proceedings. Its users are the OPG, the NPU, the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), the SBI, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, courts and others. An integrated system for the entire chain of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) with investigative powers, will allow the streamlining of case management within and between stakeholder agencies in the processing and exchange of key case information and documents leading to prosecutions or other procedural conclusions or resolution of cases. This will contribute to more efficient electronic interaction among investigators, prosecutors and judges at the pre-trial investigation stage, speed up the decision-making process, decrease routine administrative processes and reduce their duration and costs. 

The Lead Specialist on Development of e-Case Management System (Consultant) will work under the supervision and guidance of the Programme Manager of the PRAVO Police. He/she will work both within the PRAVO Police team and within a wider stakeholder group focused on law enforcement and judicial reform in Ukraine. Accordingly, in addition to the specific requirements of the role there are norms to respect and wider strategic advice that will be sought from the consultant.

The Consultant will be responsible for leading implementation of eCMS related activities under the PRAVO Police and will coordinate, on a daily basis, with the stakeholders on the development and delivery of eCMS related products. The Consultant will work closely with the ICT Specialist – eCase Management Systems (to be recruited by the PRAVO Police). 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Project Management / related field or in legal, information sciences, computer sciences, mathematics, engineering with project management experience is required. 
  • Master’s degree in the relevant field might be considered in lieu of some years of experience.
  • Certification in IT Project Management is an asset.

  • Minimum nine (9) years with Bachelor’s degree (or seven (7) years with Master’s degree) of progressive experience relevant for the assignment in the field of project management in IT or related area (e.g. infrastructure projects) is required.
  • General knowledge of operation and functionality of IT systems at the national institutions relevant for the assignment is an assets and should be demonstrated in the CV of the candidate.
  • Experience in implementing projects and/or designing in the area of e-document and/or e-case management system for a government agency is a strong asset. The candidate should provide evidence of working on similar to the development of eCMS assignments in the past.
  • Previous experience working in the area of Rule of Law or with ICT infrastructure will be an asset.

  • Fluency in written and spoken Ukrainian and English is required.



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