M&E consultant (Консультант/ка з моніторингу і оцінки)


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M&E consultant (Консультант/ка з моніторингу і оцінки)

Learn to Discern in Education (L2D-Ed) project is aimed to equip Ukrainian educators with the awareness, knowledge, and skills that lead to critical information consumption (СІС), and the pedagogical skills to effectively transmit CIC skills to students across a variety of disciplines throughout the Ukrainian secondary school system. L2D-Ed project, invites you to submit a proposal to this Request for Proposal (RFP) for the M&E consultant for IREX’s L2D-ed project who will support the external evaluation of the project and will work closely with research company and IREX. 

The goal of an external evaluation: To acquire an in-depth understanding of the L2D-Ed instructional strengths, as well as areas for improvement, assess the impact of the program on resilience to malign information operations.  

Target audience (TA) of the survey 

TA 1: secondary schools’ teachers, project participants 

TA 2: secondary schools’ teachers, that have not been covered by the project activities. 

The external evaluation is included quantitative and qualitative methodology. 

The M&E consultant for IREX’s L2D-ed project tasks and expected deliverables include, but are not limited to: 

  • Help IREX in developing methodology that can assess the goal of evaluation; 
  • In cooperation with IREX to develop guide for focus groups discussions; 
  • In cooperation with IREX to develop survey questionnaire for quantitative part of an external evaluation; 
  • Cooperation with external research company; 
  • In cooperation with IREX and research company work on final report of the evaluation. 

The M&E consultant for IREX’s L2D-ed project experience and qualification requirements: 

  • Master’s degree in a relevant field such as international relations, research, social, political, or public relations science, sociology; Bachelor’s degree in one of these fields and the equivalent of 10+ years of experience is also acceptable. 
  • A minimum of 5 years of general working experience in research field. 
  • In-depth understanding of sociological concepts, principles, and theories across all major subspecialties. 
  • Strategic thinking. 
  • Excellent project management and organizational skills. 
  • Excellent written and oral skills. 
  • Fluency in Ukrainian and English. 
  • Previous experience in cooperation with non-government organisation will be a plus. 
  • Previous experience in working with projects related to countering disinformation and media literacy will be a plus.

Preparation of Proposals  

In preparing the Proposal, the Applicant is expected to examine the RFP in detail (it may be downloded here).

Please submit all the proposal components above by email to [email protected] no later than 22 February 2022 at 18:00   

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