Gurtobus manager/ Менеджер(ка) Гуртобуса


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Gurtobus manager/ Менеджер(ка) Гуртобуса

IZOLYATSIA.Platform for Cultural Initiatives (IZOLYATSIA) is seeking qualified candidates for the full-time Gurtobus manager position.

Partly-remote work is possible. This position requires a lot of traveling with Gurtobus. Starting points for Gurtobus traveling will be in Kyiv. Travel costs to the Gurtobus starting points are not reimbursed.

Detailed information about the project please find here.

Purpose of the Position:

Gurtobus Leader of Zmina 2.0 project will manage, maintain and program the Gurtobus according to the obligatory donor’s requirements and policies and procedures of implementing body (IZOLYATSIA) with faithful execution of Ukrainian legislation.

The Gurtobus will visit 80 localities across Ukraine, on invitation. During these visits, it will support the delivery of cultural programmes that will have been jointly developed with local partners: artists, cultural NGOs or CSOs, local cultural authorities, youth groups, educators or other cultural stakeholders. The cultural programme will focus on cultural participation for social, civic and economic development, in line with this project’s three strands and with a view to contributing to our specific objective.

Gurtobus will also serve as a vehicle for information and communication about events and opportunities in the cultural sector (including the Regranting scheme A3, the Learn! physical and online trainings A4, and also opportunities made available by other organisations). It will bring to each city cultural, logistical and technical experience and equipment. It will solidify networking and cooperation between Soledar and other towns, bolstering the re-sharing of information.

Practically speaking, Gurtobus will undertake approximately 18 10-day tours to different regions, with each tour visiting 4 to 5 towns and communities outside of major cities and especially in peripheral, border or conflict areas. This clustering of several towns in one region will intensify our cultural impact and make communications and travel logistics more efficient. As per a previous evaluation of Gurtobus, we may stay in some towns two days, and/or visit some towns twice, so as to develop more lasting skills in local actors and increase the sustainability of its impact.

Gurtobus of Zmina 2.0 project team includes: Gurtobus Leader, Gurtobus manager, logistic coordinator and driver. Additionally short-time: local managers.

The previous seasons of Gurtobus: Community Culture Bus / GurtobusGurtobus. Family album.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Select towns to be visited and plan tours: to respond to every expression of interest with a view to developing regional tours. This means working with local stakeholders and the regional administration to explore whether there is sufficient interest to co-create at least one full day of participative cultural programming in each of 4 or 5 towns in the area. Final selection criteria will concern applicants’ readiness to co-programme our visit, the resources and capacity that local actors can bring to our programme (including volunteers and local promotion), and their location on a route that would include other interested settlements in the region. Tours will be planned according to progress in each of these exploratory talks.
  • Assist to Gurtobus Leader in co-developing of cultural programme with local stakeholders: Once a tour is confirmed – to work with local stakeholders in each location to co-develop a 1- or 2-day cultural programme. This will involve identifying local needs, interest and infrastructure, and co-designing a programme of activities and events that is commensurate with them, and runs along one of the three project strands. The Learn! trainings will be included in some of these tours (max. 1 training/tour).
  • Deliver program: The Gurtobus will deliver cultural programming in 80 towns, through an estimated 18 tours, each lasting approximately 10 days.
  • Evaluation: The Gurtobus team will systematically measure and evaluate each of their interventions, according to the project Evaluation and Monitoring plan (total participants, impact of intervention, interviews/focus groups with artists and local NGOs etc.)
  • Contribute to Activity reporting, monitoring, and evaluation activities as required.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • A bachelor degree in the field of art, project management, or other relevant fields.
  • Professional experience in cultural programming, managing and reporting.
  • Previous professional experience with international donor programs, particularly EU strongly preferred;
  • Demonstrated ability to work productively within a team;
  • Excellent administrative, organizational and multi-tasking skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills, with demonstrated diplomacy and the ability to communicate effectively in a cross-cultural environment;
  • Computer skills including strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word and Office applications;
  • Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in written form in Ukrainian, Russian, and English

How to apply:

DEADLINE: 31.01.2022


End of the Project: 24.04.2024

Please note that due to the expected volume of applications, only candidates selected for interview will be contacted. Thank you for your understanding.

Privacy policy: The personal data we collect during hiring processes is only used for the purposes of carrying out the selection process and is deleted once the process has ended.

More info and form for your CV and Personal Statement (preferably in English):

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