Business development consultant, Краматорськ

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DAI Global

Business development consultant, Краматорськ

DAI, a global development company based in the United States and implementer of USAID Activity — Economic Opportunities East (USAID Activity), is seeking consultants (individuals and firms) who can provide technical assistance in:

  • Business Development Support including but not limited to: financial and organizational management capacity building, financial modeling and analysis; raising private financing through banks and equity investment funds and improved accounting.
  • New market identification and research; firms, particularly those in vegetables, honey, IT, and innovative manufacturing seek to expand and diversify knowledge of and access to new markets; technical assistance may include support for understanding quality and certification requirement, trade policies, logistics, etc.
  • Cold storage and cold chain; technical assistance to design and develop technical specifications for refrigerated warehouses and cold chain management, including instant quick freeze (IQF) technology.
  • Processing and value addition in vegetable and honey value chains;
  • Certifications such as HACCP, Organic, ISO, etc. and traceability;
  • Alternative energy solutions;
  • Environmental assessments and compliance; and
  • Human resource management and hiring.

Assignment requirements and deliverables will be defined by a Scope of Work, which will be developed in the future based upon the demand of USAID Activity partners. The purpose of this request for expression of interest is to develop a preferred vendor list for anticipated work.

Application instructions:

Interested parties are encouraging to submit their expression of interest, which must include;

  • Cover letter application (see template attachment) that provides information on area (s) of specialty, past performance examples or corporate capability statement, and proposed daily rates and fees.
  • CVs for proposed specialist (s).
  • Applications are accepted until March 31, 2019


Attachment 1 — Cover Letter Template

DAI Global

Re: USAID Economic Resilience Activity (ERA) Request for Expression of Interest for Technical and Business Development Specialists; Contract No. 7 201 2118C00004 


[insert introduction to firm or individual submitting]

1. The technical areas of interest are (Check Y/N)

  • Business Development Support Y/N
  • New market identification and research; firms Y/N
  • Cold storage and cold chain Y/N
  • Processing and value addition in vegetable and honey value chains Y/N
  • Certifications such as HACCP, Organic, ISO, etc. and traceability Y/N
  • Alternative energy solutions Y/N
  • Environmental assessments and compliance Y/N
  • Human resource management and hiring Y/N

2. Three examples of past work in the areas of expertise selected:

3. Names and CVs (attached) of consultant (s)

4. Daily rates and fees (for each consultant)


Останні публікації цього розділу:

Керівник експертної групи з розвитку інфраструктури та логістики

Державний експерт експертної групи з питань імплементації та виконання міжнародних зобов’язань у сфері морського та річкового транспорту

Державний експерт експертної групи з розвитку ринку та євроінтеграції

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PR-менеджер/ка в ГО «Еммаус» (Харків)