Відділення Польської Гуманітарної Акції в Україні оголошує відкритий запит до місцевих організацій про потенційне партнерство “Expression of Interest (EOI)”


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Expression of Interest (EOI)


Local NGO in Ukraine   

  • Introduction: 

The armed conflict in eastern Ukraine has been going on since 2014. The local people are forced to leave their homes in search of safe shelter in other parts of the country. Humanitarian aid must be provided not only for those who have fled but also for those who are hosting displaced people and refugees. People fleeing from war are forced to abandon their previous lives and are jobless and penniless. They lack the bare essentials (food, warm clothes). One of the most vulnerable groups is children, for whom war is a traumatic experience. They need counselling and new opportunities for their education and development. Also vulnerable are elderly people, who are not able to look after themselves and satisfy their own needs in such difficult conditions. 

In Ukraine, PAH provides aid to satisfy the most basic needs. We have been operating in Ukraine since 2014, and in 2015 we established a permanent mission there. Our earliest activities were an immediate response to the crisis: we helped provide medical assistance, and we delivered food baskets, hygiene kits, blankets, sleeping bags and other bare necessities. Our top priority is to support the most vulnerable groups: elderly people, women, and children. We are able to reach them thanks to our cooperation with local partners. 

PAH provides consultations both at our information centre and during outreach field visits. We provide lawyer counselling, social counselling, career mentoring, vocational courses, open meetings on entrepreneurship and psychological consultation. 

PAH works to support and build local capacity and ensure an existing strategy and follow the localization workstream. To reach this goal, PAH involves local administrations, local NGOs, and beneficiaries to make sure that all the community participates in activities.

  • The main requirement:

The purpose of this Call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) is to identify eligible Ukrainian local partners for potential partnerships with PAH to support the organization in the achievement of PAH’s goal of providing the needed assistance to those in need in an accountable and dignified manner. Organizations that wish to participate in this expression of interest are requested to submit their application to the email ([email protected]) before the closing of business on March 31, 2023. The application should be submitted in English and contain:

  • Completed and signed copy of Annexe 1. (mandatory)
  • Organization profile. (mandatory)
  • Copy of organization registration. (mandatory)
  • Example of recent need assessment done by the organization. (mandatory)
  • Should has access to one or more of the following oblasts. (Donetska, Kharkiv,  Zaporizska, Khersonska, Mykolayvska and Dnipropetrovska) (mandatory)
  • Provide concept note for food distribution as per annex number 2. (optional) 
  1. Eligibility and Exclusion Criteria:

The selection of a partner is a competitive process and will be based on the below criteria:

  1. The organization should be a local organization registered in Ukraine.
  2. Non-governmental and humanitarian organization
  3. The organization should have an active bank account at the time of application.
  4. Documented experience in accessing the proposed areas and owning previous activities there.
  5. Submit at least 2 references from previous organizations or entities that have worked with in the field of the humanitarian sector.

the submission which:

  1. are not sent before the specified deadline;
  2. do not include all required documents duly completed and signed or do not comply with specifications set in this Call for Expression of Interest;
  3. are not submitted in English

will be excluded from the selection process.

  1. Selection Process:

The submissions are assessed by the Partnership Review Committee in consultation with technical specialists, using criteria outlined before. Only the submissions which comply with the requirements of the mandatory eligibility and exclusion criteria will be eligible for further evaluation. It should be noted that participation in this Call for Expression of Interest, does not guarantee that the organization will be ultimately selected for a partnership agreement with PAH. PAH may not be able to provide feedback during or after the end of the process for the organizations that planned to submit applications. PAH will contact the selected partner and sign an agreement in force in the field of the humanitarian sector in Ukraine, however, the partner shall comply with all the stipulated conditions and provide the necessary facilities and technical information to allow our team to fully monitor and evaluate activities that ensure the delivery of aid based on humanitarian principles. 

Annex 1

Name of the organization: 

Registration number and copy of the registration certificate:

Mission & Vision of the organization:  

Area of experience (Please write Yes/ No):






Food security 








Cash based response 


Previous experience by oblast and Sector:



Type of activity


Previous experience of partnership with INGO and UNs:

Name of organization (INGO or UN)



Please provide an explanation of your organization structure/offices/ staff technical capacity etc.:

Please provide information about your organization membership (OCHA/ UN/WFP etc.):

List of your organization policy (provide a copy of each policies you have answered yes):





Financial policy 



HR policy 



Logistic & Procurement policy



Accountability disciplinary policy



Previous project evaluation report if any



Previous audit report if any



Need assessment template or report 



Organization bank account 



Name and signature of the authorized person 

Annex 2  (Concept note) 

Background and summary:





Activity description: 

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL):

Organization capacity:



Budget head 

Total in local currency 

Total in USD


Personnel Cost 



Program Cost 



Admin/ Support cost 





Name and signature of the authorized person 


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