Тендер на організацію та проведення літніх таборів для угорськомовних та румуномовних учнів 5-9 класів


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Тендер на організацію та проведення літніх таборів для угорськомовних та румуномовних учнів 5-9 класів

Проект «Фінська підтримка реформи української школи» оголошує тендер на організацію та проведення літніх таборів для угорськомовних та румуномовних учнів 5-9 класів.


Summer Camps for Hungarian and Romanian speaking students in Grades 5 to 9

These Terms of Reference define the activities to be provided for the EU-funded language component of the project “Finland’s Support to the Ukrainian School Reform”. The assignment will be implemented as part of Cluster 2 “Education promotion”, and it will support MoES in raising awareness and positive attitudes towards the school reform and its benefits among national minorities in the Chernivtsi and Zakarpahtia regions. A specific goal is to raise the level of proficiency of the Ukrainian language among the camp participants.


The education sector cooperation between Ukraine and Finland supports the realization of the New Vision of the Ukrainian school. The Project is aligned with the implementation plan of the Conceptual Principles of the Secondary School Reform (Nova Ukrayinska Shkola), a concept paper and vision statement for a reform to transform education.

The duration of the Project is four years. The Project started in the beginning of August 2018 with the Inception Phase. The total budget is 8 million euros out of which 6 million euros is Finnish funding. In addition, there is a 2-million-euro top-up funding tool, provided by the EU, for enhancing the quality of instruction in Ukrainian as a Second Language among national minorities.

The change that the Project’s Language Component aims to achieve is an improvement of the current quality of school education of national minorities in Ukraine. The schools that deliver instruction mostly in minority languages, while the state language is learned only as a separate subject, do not provide students with enough proficiency in the state language to enter tertiary education in Ukraine. A high percentage of the school leavers are failing in independent evaluation tests in the Ukrainian language and literature that is an integral component of their admission to further education.

The Language Component will act with a short-term and long-term perspective. In the long-term, it will change the method of how the Ukrainian language is taught to ethnic minority pupils, and it will improve the quality of the subject teaching of the Ukrainian language (L2) among national minorities, especially the Romanian and Hungarian minorities. In short-term, it will seek to offer spaces for ethnic minority pupils to improve their Ukrainian language skills by, e.g., organizing school and other camps, as well as study visits and training events for Ukrainian language teachers.

Summer camps for students from the two national minority languages, Hungarian and Romanian, are some of the most immediate actions within short-term perspective of the language component of the project.

Purpose and Scope of Work

The purpose is to activate at least 300 students from Romanian and Hungarian communities of Chernivtsi and Transcarpathia to participate in a Summer Camp so that they will practice their skills in the Ukrainian language with their peers.

The Camps will take place in June or July 2019.

Quantity of camps – at least two for a duration of seven days (100 – 150 students each). The suggested locations: Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, or some other suitable place easily accessible from the Chernivtsi and Zakarpahtia regions.

Duration and Methodology of Work

It is expected that the duration of the assignment will be a maximum of 3.5 months (camp preparation, conducting and reporting) starting from the commencement of the work.

School Camps will be conducted during summer holidays.

The content of the Summer Camps includes at least practical training in the Ukrainian language using modern teaching methods such as digital learning material, interactive working methods, group work, and promoting transversal competencies.

The Service Provider will cooperate with the designated staff of the project Finland’s Support to the Ukrainian School Reform.

Activities and timelines

Stage 1. Preparation and training of trainers

The contracted Service Provider will draw up a work plan.

The Service Provider will train camp instructors.

The trainers are familiar with implementing camp pedagogy. There are also experts of the Ukrainian Language (L2).

Dates to be defined.

Venue to be defined.

Stage 2. Summer Camps

The Summer Camps provide the camp participants with practical exercises in the Ukrainian language (L2).

Instructors and co-instructors: a sufficient number of instructors and volunteers.

Participants: altogether some 300 students from the Romanian and Hungarian language minorities.

Dates to be defined.

Venue to be defined.

Stage 3. Reporting

The final report will be ready by the end of August 2019. The final report must include an evaluation of the assignment ex post facto. The used material will be annexed to the report.

A finalized work plan, methodology and tools will be adopted by the Project Management Team. The program and study materials of the training will be elaborated and agreed with the Chief Technical Adviser of the project “Finland’s Support to the Ukrainian School Reform”.

The details of the assignment, terms and conditions will be specified in the contract between the FCG International Ltd (Contractor) and the Service Provider.

Service Provider

In the Service Provider Team there will be a Project Manager with solid knowledge and experience of the New Ukrainian School (NUS) Reform; education in philology; experience in conducting language camps, preferably with experience with Ukrainian language minorities; knowledge of written and spoken Ukrainian and English as working languages. In the Team, there will be also instructors that know the Hungarian or Romanian language.


The Service Provider is expected and entitled to discuss issues relevant to the assignment with relevant parties, government authorities and other relevant organizations and individuals, but the

team does not have any mandate to make commitments on behalf of government authorities in Ukraine and Finland, or on behalf of the Contractor, FCG International Ltd, especially.

Budget The Service Provider will submit a tentative budget which is broken down including unite prices. The Service Provider will be chosen based on quality and price.

Schedule of Payments and Deliverable

Payment amount Deliverable:

20% Upon signing the contract based on a draft plan

30% Upon submitting a detailed work plan

30 % After Stage 1

20 % Upon submitting the final report

Selection procedure

Eligible service providers are requested to submit a written proposal in English. Evaluation will be based on pre-defined criteria. The evaluation and selection of a service provider will be carried out by the Project Management Team in accordance with the TOR and under supervision by the Steering Committee.

Proposals should be sent via email to Project Officer, Daryna Golosna ([email protected]) by 03 May 2019. Please, indicate the name  of the tender you are applying for in the Subject line of your letter.

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