MAP IT – America House Professional Mentoring Progrаm (програма з професійного наставництва)


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Margarita Buchkova

MAP IT – America House Professional Mentoring Progrаm (програма з професійного наставництва)

America House is pleased to announce the MAP It program – an innovative, newly developed and outcome-based mentoring program in collaboration with Executive Business Coach Rania Anderson. It is structured to provide unique types of career mentoring interactions designed to advance both mentees and mentors and to build strong ties among a diverse group. 

Apply if you:

- have a particular professional goal to achieve; 

- have 1 to 4 years of working experience; 

- need a mentor and understand how they can help you achieve your goal; 

- speak good English. 

Our mentors are qualified professionals working as managers and directors of Ukrainian and international NGOs (NDI Ukraine, VoxUkraine, SACCI etc), businesses (Sensorama, Dot_Dot Innovation etc), as well as experts and consultants at the Ministry of Regional Development and Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The program is for those of you who are willing to grow in the following areas: 

- Civil Society;

- Business and Innovation;

- Public Administration;

- IT;

- Product/Service Design;

- Public Health;

- Investment Business;

- Fashion Business;

- Communications;

- Art Management.

The program timeline is February – July 2019. As a participant you will get a mentor matching your expertise and goals and join 6 monthly meetings from 6:30pm till 8:30pm at America House:

- February 19th – “Career or Business”, key points: navigating goals and strategies, planning growth, and achieving results; 

- March 12th – “Style or Presence”, key points: communicating effectively, leading, influencing key people, and marketing myself; 

- April 18th – “Network”, key points: building a network, mentors and sponsors, and maintaining relationships;   

- May 14th – “Craft”, key points: functional/technical skills, business acumen, innovating and achieving excellence, and achieving mastery;

- June 18th – “Life”, key points: integrating work into life, managing life changes and transitions, and dealing with competing demands; 

- July 18th – “Community/Contributions”, key points: developing awareness, getting involved, mentoring others, making a contribution, and sustaining commitment.

The program structure is designed by Rania Anderson, global expert on the practical actions that men and women can take to accelerate their success. She has extensive experience of professional growth consulting in Ukraine and other developing countries. She is also the author of the books “WE: Men, Women, and The Decisive Formula for Winning at Work” and “UNDETERRED: The Six Success Habits of Women in Emerging Economies”.

The participation is free of charge. 

The results of the selection process will be emailed to all the applicants by February 13. 


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